Letitia Dean

EastEnders actress Letitia Dean looks remarkable in her new weight loss look. She has dropped 4 dress sizes. And her fans want to know the secret of how she managed to shed so much of weight to look so gorgeous now.

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Letitia Dean and her impressive weight loss

British actress Letitia Dean plays the character of Sharon Watts in the popular show EastEnders. She has been on the show for a while now and currently she seems slimmer than before. Letitia is 55 now and is revealing her impressive look after her diet and fitness overhaul.

Letitia Dean
Letitia Dean before and after (Source: Twitter)

Her fans were thrilled for you. But they also wanted her to share the secret of her great weight loss journey. This has helped her drop 4 dress sizes. One of her fans tweeted:

“I’m so intrigued, I need Sharon’s (EastEnders) weight loss secret. She looks amazing!”

And another fan asked on Twitter:

“Need to go on the Letitia Dean diet. She looks amazing,”

A third congratulated her and wrote:

Letitia Dean has lost so much weight she looks amazing. Massive well done to her,”

While a fourth commented:

Hats off to Sharon losing so much weight #EastEnders.”

Letitia and trolls on her body

The actress was weighing 10st 4lb last year end. And now her weight has come down to 8st 3lb. She has been on the show on and off since the year 1985. In the past, she had mentioned about how people had trolled her on social media for her weight and body size.

In 2020, Letitia had told:

“I had quite a lot of horrible things said about me: ‘She’s too fat, the other actors complain they can’t fit on the same set with her.'”

From 2006 to 2012, she took a break from the show. And at that time, she hired a personal trainer who also had trained Charlie Brooks and Natalie Cassidy. Later, in 2008, she released a fitness DVD Letitia Dean’s Lean Routinely.

Letitia Dean
Letitia Dean (Source: Daily Express)

In 2009, she told Daily Record:

I’d go on fad diets like Atkins or I’d only eat eggs. The effect was great, even if my breath did smell foul.”

She added:

I’d lose a stone in a couple of weeks, but gradually I’d slip back into my old ways and put it all on again.”

Fad diets are not recommended for weight loss. One should eat healthy with calories restrictions for it.

Letitia’s career

Letitia’s birth happened at Potters Bar in Hertfordshire. Her parents were Leslie, a tailor and Ellie Dean. She has two elder brothers. When she was 3, her family shifted to the village of Stoke Goldington in north Buckinghamshire near Newport Pagnell. She shared an interest in acting from an early age with her brother Stephen. And she took training at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and also at Sylvia Young Theatre School, Marylebone, London.

Letitia started her career at the age of 12. And her character of Sharon Watts, entered the soap EastEnders right on its very first episode in 1985. In the show, she plays the role of the daughter of “Dirty” Den (Leslie Grantham) and Angie Watts (Anita Dobson).

Letitia Dean
Letitia Dean (Source: Daily Express)

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She portrayed this role for ten years. There was a break but again from 2001 to 2006, she again reprised the same role. There was a hiatus of 6 years to return in 2012.

Her viewers like her role and acting. Her character has a lot of dramatic storylines twisted around it which viewers like to watch.