Without dieting

For weight loss, dieting and exercise are considered the prime factors. But there is a new trend of losing weight without dieting.

WW / WeightWatchers have a program for it and it is a holistic lifestyle approach to the problem. The Bloomberg podcast, Losing it has analyzed this approach and finds it beneficial. It is an easier and more fun way to lose weight.

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Weight loss without dieting

Whenever one talks of attempts to lose weight, what immediately flashes in mind are dieting, food restrictions, and vigorous exercising. But this seems now to be an outdated practice.

There is a new trend of losing excess fat without dieting. It just requires a holistic lifestyle approach. This was discussed in the latest episode of the podcast Losing it of Bloomberg.

Without dieting
New trend to do away with dieting yet lose weight (Source: Fearless eating)

The company WW/ Weight Watchers and also Noom (that has the weight loss app), have this special program for slimmers. It is supposedly a scientifically proven program for wellness and weight loss.

More on this no-dieting program

Gary Foster, the chief scientific officer for WW states:

“People used to be willing to do draconian, onerous things to shed pounds. But it’s no longer all about weight anymore; it’s also about health. They are now saying ‘no longer am I willing to eat in wacky ways. I want to come out of this program, eating more healthy, not less healthy’.”

Without dieting
A holistic lifestyle approach to weight loss (Source: Amazon)

WW and Noom have digital or virtual as well as in-person workshops to help people improve their lifestyles and lose weight. There are personal coaching solutions as well to meet the set goals. According to WW, weight loss does happen and also lasts. It talks of wellness that works and does wonders. They have erased the word dieting and speak about healthier eating that is easier and also more fun.

Unhealthy foods are given higher points. And most healthy foods have zero or low points. The latter include lean meats (like chicken or turkey), oatmeal, avocados, pretzels, and unsweetened almond milk.

The high points foods are fatty meats, sugary cereals, cheese, potato chips, and unsweetened oat milk.

Different food combinations affect the body differently. The daily food plan is personalized and the person can eat zero points foods as much as he or she wants.

These are higher in unsaturated fats, fiber, and protein and lower in added sugars and saturated fats. They are critical for overall health and well-being and add bulk and flavor to meals.

There is no need to count their calories. All foods on your list are to your likes and mouthwatering. They are not bland foods.

Physical activity

Along with the above-individualized food list, one also does physical activity. This helps lose weight and also boosts confidence, mood, and overall feeling of goodness. Compared to diet alone, diet and physical exertion lead to 20% more weight loss.

WW has been active for the last 55 years and helped many lose weight. The basis has been nutritional and behavioral changes. Since 2018, it has revamped and is focusing on overall health and not just weight control.

Without dieting
Weight Watchers company (Source: YouTube)

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Room is a new entrant in this field. It stresses psychology to improve and change lifestyles and old habits that die hard. It talks about ‘more than a diet’.

It wants people to cease dieting and get lifelong good results. It has daily lessons with calorie counting, coaching, and activity tracking. Charges are $60 a month.