Lili Reinhart

American actress, Lili Reinhart eats healthily. She is against fad diets and starving to lose weight and become extremely skinny.

She feels that people want to achieve impossible body measurements to remain in the film industry. This trend is dangerous, according to her.

Lili Reinhart talks about toxic behaviour and body image

Lili Reinhart is an American actress. She has a great figure and is a talented actress. But one thing she is against is the trend in the movie world of celebrities trying to achieve impossible body standards.

They have problems with body image and have set a goal of extreme skininess for themselves. For this, they starve themselves and adopt fad diets that are not necessarily healthy. Lili spoke against it:

“To walk on a red carpet and do an interview where you say how starving you are … because you haven’t eaten carbs in the last month … all to fit in a f***ing dress?”

Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart (Source: IMDb)

Lili wrote this on her Instagram Story earlier this month. She added:

“So wrong. So f***ed on 100s of levels,”

Kim Kardashian and her Met Gala 2022 appearance

Lili did not mention names. But we all know about whom she was talking about or hinting at.

If you recollect, American socialite, Kim Kardashian had appeared on the red carpet of this year’s Met Gala wearing the original dress that Marilyn Monroe had worn in the early 1960s.

Kim proudly revealed that in order to fit into the dress, she started starvation and lost 16 pounds in three weeks. She also tried the sauna suit two times a day and did a lot of exercises.

Lili Reinhart
Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe dress at Met Gala 2022 (Source: CNN)

Later on 4 May 2022, Lili tweeted to clarify:

I do not say the things that I say because I want to be relevant or get attention,”

“I speak up because I don’t see enough people with large platforms calling out toxic behavior in our industry.”

Lili’s earlier comments on these wrong concepts of Hollywood

The actress had earlier also talked about this ongoing toxic behavior of the film industry. In January 2022, she had put up a post on her Instagram Stories that read:

I’ve been struggling with obsessive thoughts about my body/weight the last few months and it’s gotten pretty severe the last week,”

Lili too has got negatively affected by this slim body image standard of Hollywood. She added that it has been devastating for her to cope with her own body size. Amanda Sauceda, nutritionist applauded Lili’s post saying:

When people call out behavior like Kim’s, it helps bring to light the fact that diet culture very much exists,”

“In the past, we would have seen praise for [Kardashian’s] weight loss splashed on magazine covers without a second thought.”

Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart (Source: Instagram)

Celebrities are increasingly calling out this toxic concept and competition to look the slimmest. Psychotherapist Paula Atkinson states:

It is really great to see other people who have much influence calling out such harmful behavior, first and foremost — but then also critiquing Kim’s choice to talk about it with somewhat of a sense of pride,”

She added:

Just a few years ago, everyone would have been on board with the belief that Kim was displaying strength and virtue by subjecting her body to this trauma.”

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Paula feels that Kim is glamorizing starvation and setting up a wrong and unhealthy trend for the world and her social media fans to follow. She added:

“It supports anti-fat bias and the ongoing oppression of people based on body shape.”