Longer lasting fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are perishable. They do not last forever. In fact, these fresh produce have a relatively shorter lifespan. But there are some of these produce that last longer than the rest. Which are these longer lasting fruits and vegetables?

Longer lasting fruits and vegetables

The longer lasting fruits and vegetables are best to buy to decrease food waste. These remain fresh longer.


Fresh apples have a shelf life in the pantry of at least 4 weeks. And in the fridge, they will last for two months. When the peel shows wrinkles and the inside gets soft, it is spoiled and inedible.

Longer lasting fruits and vegetables
Apples (Source: Health line)

Citrus fruits

These also remain for quite long outside. Lemons and limes can stay good for 2 weeks outside. And in the fridge, their shelf life increases to two months. But placement area is vital. Keep them in the fridge drawer. Do not put them in any plastic bag or container. Since they will get mold on the surface sooner in plastic. But cut ones last a day outside and a few days in the fridge. Discoloration and softness implies that it is not fit for consumption anymore.

Oranges have some similar behavior like lemons and limes. They last two to three weeks outside and two months in fridge in drawer. If cut, they are good for less than a day outside and in the fridge they remain for a day or two. White mold, discoloration and moist soft areas implies one should bin them.


Whole fruit lasts for 3 weeks in fridge. And the seeds last only for a week if kept in a container. Freezing increases shelf life. One can keep them in a non-plastic airtight container for best outcomes. Color change, softness or brittleness means its time to throw it away. Seeds too change color with rotten state.


Keep it dry until you want to use it. Handle it with care. In fridge, it remains for 2 months.

Onions and garlic

Garlic are the longest surviving vegetables. Uncut bulb can remain good for 6 months. And separated cloves last a couple of months. But with chopping, it lasts just a few days. Store uncut garlic in airy space outside and cut one in fridge in a container. Change of color implies badness.

Onions last for 4 to 6 weeks. In the freezer, they can last 8 weeks. But if they are peeled, shelf life shortens. Color change and softness implies one has to bin them.

Longer lasting fruits and vegetables
Cabbage and carrots and potatoes last longer (Source: The Spruce eats)


Carrots last for 4 to 5 weeks. Whereas baby carrots start decaying in 4 weeks. Freeze carrots after blanching for prolonging their life. Cooked carrots last less than a week. Softness implies not good.


One to 3 months is its shelf life. In the freezer, it lasts for 8 months.

Potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes and beets

Potatoes last two weeks in pantry and 4 months in fridge. Cooked, mashed, baked potatoes and French fries can be frozen and will last 8 months.

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For beets, remove their green tops otherwise they will go soft and bad soon. Thus, they can last for 1 to 3 months in fridge. But do not wash until you want to eat or cook them. Pickled beets have longer life. In fridge, they last 4 to 6 months. But keep them away from onions. The latter spoil them faster. Similarly, yams and sweet potatoes have a very long life without spoiling soon.

Longer lasting fruits and vegetables
Onions and garlic (Source: The Guardian Nigeria News)

Besides these, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, kale, broccoli, celery, and cauliflower have relatively longer life.