Low glycemic index diet

Low glycemic index diet is a healthy diet that assists weight loss and helps diabetics in control of blood sugar. It is a nutritionally balanced diet. Here is a sample menu of this diet. Once you begin on it, it would become a practice and help you in your health management.

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Glycemic index and various foods

Foods are ranked based on their ability to raise blood sugar levels. Those foods that cause a higher blood sugar spike have a higher glycemic index. And foods that are slowly digested and cause a gradual release of sugar into the blood stream are those with a low glycemic index (GI).

Low glycemic index diet
Glycemic index and foods (Source: Wikihow)

But there is no hard and fast rule in this categorization. For instance, boiled potatoes cause a higher blood sugar rise than mashed potatoes. Similarly, fruit juice has a higher GI compared to whole or cut fruit pieces. A number of factors determine the value and include method and duration of cooking, presence of other macronutrient in the food, it’s physical and chemical composition etc.

Low glycemic index diet

The low glycemic index diet is nutritious and helps in health promotion. It keeps chronic diseases and body inflammation at bay. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes. It improves gut health too.

The diet has plenty of whole foods such as oats, barley, rice, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, seafoods,and nuts and seeds. There is a gradual and low elevation of blood sugar. It provides energy without the crash after it. The food cravings come down and it keeps you feeling full longer.

Low glycemic index diet
Some common foods and their GI (Source: Beyond type 1)

Have a balanced and wholesome diet and eat in moderation. Keep a watch on what you eat and practice mindful eating. Consume whole grains, legumes, butter beans, peas, non-starchy vegetables, and fruits of low GI. One can have some amounts of foods of medium GI such as couscous, brown rice, rye bread. But avoid or just nibble on foods of high GI such as cookies, instant pasta etc.

Sample menu

Breakfast: whole wheat bread with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or oats with honey or eggs with fatty fish and whole wheat toast or oats in low fat milk with fruit and nuts toppings or porridge with added honey.

Lunch: Spicy Beef Noodle Lettuce Wraps or whole meal bread with lentil soup/curry or Vietnamese lettuce wraps or whole meal bread with brown rice soup or chicken noodle soup or brown rice salad with chicken or oily fish or quinoa salad with vegetables and beans.

Low glycemic index diet
Low GI foods (Source: Cleveland Clinic health essentials)

Snack: Low-fat fruit yogurt or pear with nuts and seeds or fruit smoothie in yoghurt or fruit smoothie with nuts and seeds.

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Dinner: Couscous and baked chicken or brown rice with stir fried seafood or roasted chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes or quinoa salad and grilled fish fillet or broccoli with chick peas and grilled salmon or brown rice with added stir fried steak or whole meal pasta with chicken and sun dried tomatoes and olives.