Lucy Sewell
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Who Is Lucy Sewell?

A sponsored athlete, online personal trainer, and businesswoman from the UK is named Lucy Sewell.

She takes great satisfaction in her tagline, “Life is way too short to eat the food you loathe,” and she feels that a person’s fitness journey must be filled with delightful meals and workouts.

Short Career of Lucy Sewell

Despite having an admirable body today, Lucy Sewell is quick to point out to followers that it wasn’t always smooth sailing for her. She battled anorexia as a youngster, at first employing exercise to fast burn off the calories from her meals.

She progressively altered her perception of her body, and as a result, she adopted a new, healthy perspective on exercising as a method to create curves and look and feel fantastic.

Lucy founded an online personal training school for anyone seeking to achieve their fitness objectives as a result of her newly discovered confidence.

Today, Lucy has established a solid online reputation. She has gained followers on social media and clients for her training sessions. Here is her account:

Body Measurements of Lucy Sewell

Full Name: Lucy Sewell
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Online personal trainer, sponsored athlete, and business owner
WEIGHT: 115-125 pounds (52.2-56.7kg)
HEIGHT: 5’5″(165cm)

Lucy Sewell


  • Created an online workout business
  • Became a positive role model for other people with eating disorders


Suffering from Anorexia

Growing up, Lucy battled anorexia, a condition that took over her life. Even though she enjoyed working out, she was active mostly due to her negative beliefs.

She was concerned about her weight. After meals, she claims she would drag herself outside to run to “burn off” any calories she had consumed.

She ate, immediately burned the calories, then felt exhausted in a loop that kept her dangerously underweight for a very long period.

She eventually overcame her ailment and created a positive attitude toward her physique that has persisted to this day.

Changing Her Eating Behaviors and Attitudes

She was able to perceive jogging as a way to improve muscle tone and size rather than merely losing weight thanks to her positive body image.

She claims that to maintain her thinness throughout her anorexia, she would exercise despite having no energy. Lucy Sewell was unable to be creative in other areas of her life, which caused her much distress.

She convinced herself that she couldn’t run if she hadn’t eaten to shift her unfavorable outlook on exercise.

With this new outlook, she started going to the gym and running, and she decided that she would “train to BUILD,” as opposed to “train to LOSE FAT,” her body.

Lucy views weightlifting as a method to develop herself “inside and out” while maintaining her commitment to a healthy diet.

“Over the past few years, my journey has been focused on rebuilding my relationship with myself, reframing my body image and sense of worth, and paying close attention to what my body needs from me.

It’s no longer something I perceive as competing with me; instead, we work closely together as a team.”

Mentoring Others

Weightlifting gave Lucy the self-assurance she needed to start a website to share her story with others. She also saw this website as a chance to start an effective online coaching business while helping others achieve their fitness objectives.

She works with others who share her past through this website, as well as women who want to modify their lifestyle and physical appearance.


Split Procedure

Lucy follows a split regimen of hard compound lifts and works out five times per week because she no longer wants to consistently shed fat.

She divides her leg workouts into motions for the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. claiming that it was “the best thing” she had ever done in terms of muscle increases.

She has been able to spend more time working on other leg muscles than just her quads thanks to the training method, which has improved the size and tone of all of her leg muscles.

Managing Injury Risks

Although Lucy occasionally suffers from this activity due to problems with internal rotation in her shoulder joint, she still finds it to be enjoyable. Similar to this, she occasionally finds her second pairing of the chest and triceps challenging.

According to Lucy, she used to bench press large weights, which overworked her delts. Since reducing her weight, she has seen a significant improvement in the size of her chest.

Favorite Exercises

Her back and bicep workout is her favorite weekly exercise. Lucy claims to enjoy working out her back, where she’s tried a range of routines to tone her lats.

She enjoys workouts like the dumbbell curl and makes significant success with them, which contributes to the development of her biceps.

Not Cardio

Lucy doesn’t feel the need to perform a lot of cardio. While she still occasionally participates in charity runs with sponsorship, she is no longer motivated to run to lose weight.

She also claims that she performs “30 plus” sets of “very difficult” weightlifting sessions. In each session, Lucy gets decent aerobic exercise because of this.

Lucy Sewell


Wholesome Whole Foods

Lucy eats a lot of complete, healthy things, although she admits that occasionally she will indulge in “a piece of cake” or a few cheat meals.

She asserts that there are numerous diet options “coming up everywhere,” but advises concentrating on eating wholesome but pleasurable foods as the best enduring choice.

While she does advocate for the odd indulgence, she does hold the opinion that the human body will always function best when given access to simple, healthful foods that contain digestive enzymes.

Her success is based on her need to provide healthy options whenever possible.


Lucy Sewell keeps track of her meals to determine her macronutrient requirements, but she also thinks she can listen to her body well enough to know what it needs.

She consumes 150 g of good fats per day, with the majority of her diet coming from meat and nuts.

Lucy claims that she requires this for energy and that because of her fast metabolism, her body “deals very well” with fats.

Lucy strives to consume 150–200g of carbohydrates each day. Her daily calorie demands are higher than 2500, thus this is not an issue for her.


Lucy views supplements as an essential component of her fitness program, alongside good foods and healthy vegetables.

While experimenting with various proteins, including whey and casein, Lucy keeps a journal of the advantages she discovers.

Lucy boosts the effectiveness of her workouts by using vitamins. She uses a variety of supplements, including creatine and glutamine. She has this stack:

  • Creatine
  • Powdered BCAA’s
  • Amino Energy
  • Glutamine intra-workout.
  • Casein

How can Lucy Sewell teach us something?

It’s inspiring to learn about Lucy Sewell’s experience overcoming anorexia and establishing a new, healthy way of life for herself. She has demonstrated the value of a fitness journey in improving one’s quality of life.

It might be beneficial to approach your fitness journey like Lucy did—as a progressive journey of improvement. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy your success as it comes along rather than constantly striving for more.