Luke Sandoe
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Who is Luke Sandoe?

At the 2017 Arnold Classic, British bodybuilder Luke Sandoe made his professional debut.

Luke’s fascination with bodybuilding began when he was a young boy and saw muscular comic book characters. Luke was motivated to develop a fantastic body after observing their lean and toned figures.

Short Career of Luke Sandoe

Luke Sandoe didn’t begin to truly pursue the bodybuilding lifestyle, though, until he was in his early 20s. He dove deeply into the worlds of weightlifting, diet, and supplements throughout this time.

He applied this information to build a beautiful and ripped body, much like the one he had imagined as a child.

He entered his first competition at age 23 and won the junior class. Luke persisted in his rigorous training, gradually enhancing both his physique and his performance.

By winning the UKBFF British Finals and achieving his Pro Status in 2015, he elevated his professional standing to an entirely new level.

Luke Sandoe, a supremely talented athlete, rose to prominence as an IFBB professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, and online influencer.

Body Measurements of Luke Sandoe

Full Name: Luke Sandoe
WEIGHT: 245 – 255lbs (111.1 – 115.7kg)
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Physique Coach, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)

Luke Sandoe


Contest History

  • South Coast 2012 Juniors – 1st Place
  • British Finals 2012 Inters O90kg – 2nd Place
  • British Finals 2013 – Men’s O100kg – N/A
  • South Coast – Men’s O100kg – 1st Place
  • Welsh Grand Prix – Men’s O100kg – 1st Place
  • UKBFF British Championships 2015 – 6th place
  • UKBFF Kent Classic Championships 2015 – 2nd place
  • Arnold Classic 2017 – 8th place
  • Arnold Classic Australia 2018 – 6th place
  • Indy Pro 2018 – 3rd place
  • California Pro Men’s Bodybuilding 2018 – 15th place


Muscular Comic Book Heroes

Luke Sandoe, who was born and reared in Bournemouth, England, had a busy childhood and described himself as a “stocky and reasonably strong” child.

He particularly enjoyed reading comic novels with large, hulking heroes sporting massive biceps and toned midsections.

Luke didn’t have any trouble staying active and slender throughout his childhood due to his interest in muscle. He participated in sports regularly, which maintained him fit and powerful.

An Interim in the Music Business

Luke’s decisions started to alter as he approached his adolescence. He began to take an interest in music instead of going after large muscles.

He began playing the drums professionally at the age of 20 and was able to support himself via his love of music. Luke remained in this phase up until the age of 22, at which point his love of music began “fizzling away.”

Luke’s interest in muscles and bodybuilding returned at this time as well.


Luke Sandoe passed away on May 7, 2020, when he was 30 years old. The cause of Sandoe’s death is still unknown as of the writing of this article.

Back to Bodybuilding

Luke saw he’d put on a lot of tummy fat during his last year of playing the drums. He desired to enhance his appearance, as did most guys his age. He wanted “abs of steel,” as he put it.

When my mother unintentionally gave me a Flex magazine, I didn’t immediately think, “That’s gross,” but rather, “You can genuinely look like comic book imagery in real life!”

Luke soon started reading all of the bodybuilding and fitness magazines he could find. He used what he had learned in the weight room and started working out according to a set plan.

Luke saw some significant gains as a result of his “leave no stone unturned” strategy. His chest expanded, his abs ripped with veins popping, and his shoulders became wider.

I quickly got sucked in and developed a fervent interest in the sport of bodybuilding. I devoured every magazine I could get my hands on and began to study more about diet and exercise.

A Journey to Professionalism

When Luke was 23, he fully immersed himself in the bodybuilding culture. He participated in his first show around this period, which he finally won.

Given that Luke had only completed one year of training before winning the competition, this accomplishment was very amazing.

Here’s Luke talking about what happened next; “I had a great response from people watching telling me I had great potential. To me, it could have been a fluke but as I’d qualified for the UKBFF finals that year I wanted to test the water there. 2nd place in a stacked men’s class! Maybe I could do this?” – Luke Sandoe

The Life of Luke Sandoe

Luke has won numerous competitions throughout the years, including the UKBFF British Finals, when he received his IFBB Pro Card.

To conquer the largest stages in the world, he participated in the super heavyweight division. It was evident that Luke had an unquenchable desire for excellence, which motivates many of his admirers to pursue similar goals.

Luke Sandoe


Luke maintained a high-volume training regimen. To completely exhaust his muscles, he increased the number of sets and reps in his exercises.

Luke’s favorite exercise was the tried-and-true deadlift. The simplest compound exercise, in his opinion, had the best results.


Like the majority of other bodybuilders, Luke followed a similar food plan. In other words, he bulked up during the “off-season” and reduced body fat during the “in-season” to prepare for a show.

In terms of supplements, Luke took;

  • Pre-workout
  • Thermogenic supplements
  • Muscle Recovery supplements

Influences and Idols

The muscular comic book characters were one of Luke’s earliest influences. Luke embarked on a bodybuilding adventure to create his impressive physique after being motivated by these figures.

How can Luke Sandoe teach us something?

Luke Sandoe teaches us that when you take the appropriate steps to fulfill your ambitions, they can come true.

In other words, you need to be able to see your plan. Once you have that, begin taking the essential steps, one at a time, to reach your goal.

Recall that it’s not an easy or short path to establish an excellent body, a business, or anything else. However, if you put in the same amount of effort and perseverance as Luke did, you can do anything you set your mind to.