Peach Salsa with Mint
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  • Food: Peach Salsa with Mint 
  • Writer: Lizzie Green
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As an appetizer for your summer party, try making this peach and mint salsa that is sweet, sour, and somewhat spicy. In addition, this topping is wonderful on tacos, grilled fish, and summer salads.

Recently, I’ve been going on peach-eating binges. In most cases, I am fairly self-controlled when it comes to purchasing only a few peaches at a time.

I’ll even space out my purchases of peaches… 2 on one day, and then 2 again a few days later so that I always have a manageable amount of peaches to eat on the one day each week (during the peach season) when they are at their peak level of ripeness.

My summer “peach system” was, needless to say, ruined when my bi-weekly Farmhouse Delivery started bringing me 12 peaches at a time (for the last three bushels in a row). (I know, it’s tough… but that’s my life… and those peaches are pretty great, too.)

Peach Salsa with Mint Easy
Food: Peach Salsa with Mint (Source: Fork in the Kitchen)

Up until the previous week, they had sent me approximately 10 jalapenos.

Therefore, this time around, instead of eating all 12 peaches in (practically) one sitting, I made this peach salsa by chopping up the remaining peaches along with some of the jalapenos that I had an abundance of.

It was my goal with this salsa treatment to make the peaches survive longer; after being preserved in lime juice, they should be able to be stored in the refrigerator for a few extra days.

On the other hand, Jack and I devoured this in a single sitting along with some tacos. I suppose this means that the peach binge will continue.

This would be delicious over a wide variety of summertime dishes, such as fish that has been grilled, tacos, salads topped with black beans or shrimp, or even just chips with which it may be scooped up.

Peach and Mint Salsa

Prepare in fifteen minutes.
Total time 15 minutes


Peach Salsa with Mint HEALTHY

  1. Extract the juice of the lime into a small bowl, then add the red onion that has been diced. Put this to the side; the flavor of the onion will improve while you prepare the other components of the dish.
  2. After you have completed chopping the peaches, jalapeno, and mint, put all of the chopped ingredients, along with the chopped onion and lime juice, into the bowl. Stir in a pinch of salt and the lime zest after adding the pinch of salt. Taste it, then adjust the seasonings as necessary. It is recommended that you place this in the refrigerator for at least twenty minutes so that the tastes can combine. This will produce the greatest results.