Chris Distefano
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American comedian Chris Distefano became well-known after appearing in reality programs like Guy Code and Girl Code. Additionally, he co-hosted the MSG TV programs The Bracket and the sports reality series Ultimate Beastmaster.

Additionally, he co-hosted various celebrities, including fellow comic Nikki Glaser, in his monthly Comedy Central interstitial series Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano.

In addition to being a real entertainer, Chris is a devoted husband and father to a charming youngster. But it happened after he had had his share of failed relationships.

Learn in-depth information on the comedian’s personal life here, including his marriage to his wife, any recent news regarding their child, and previous relationships with girlfriends.

Chris Distefano
Chris Distefano (Pinterest)

The Couple Is Expecting a New Child

Yes! Chris and Jazzy Distefano are expecting a new child. And a simple look at Jazzy’s Instagram account will demonstrate how thrilled the couple is to welcome their second child.

On January 20, 2021, Jazzy even shared on Instagram how happy she felt to become a mommy. Mama: welcomes it all as it comes, with love as the motivating factor, she stated.

She continued, “Being a mother is without a doubt the hardest “work” in the world, as well as the most gratifying.

The soon-to-be mother of two most recently shared a few photos with her husband Chris on April 1, 2021, showing off her growing baby bulge.

The child is anticipated to arrive in May or June of 2021.

Chris Distefano
Chris Distefano (Pinterest)

Jazzy, My Wife, and I have been Married for Nearly 5 Years.

In February 2015, Jazzy Distefano, a Zumba teacher, and stand-up comedian Chris got hitched.

When Jazzy learned that he was expecting his first kid, the couple’s marriage welcomed the beginning of a new chapter. In May 2015, they welcomed their daughter Delilah Distefano.

Chris sent a tribute to his wife and daughter on Instagram in December of that year, claiming that they had altered his life.

“These two ladies changed my life,” he said with a picture of his wife cradling their daughter. The best year of my life was 2015

It’s interesting to note that on March 1, 2021, Jazzy announced via Instagram that she was a parent to two children. She and Chris never disclosed having their second child, so it caught people off guard.

The couple may have two children, yet they have only publicly acknowledged Delilah, their first child. Another possibility is that Jazzy may have had a child from a previous [undisclosed] relationship.

She noted in a post that she had two children, “I barely exercised when I was pregnant with my first two children. I’ve been actively training and instructing classes for this pregnancy, and I feel fantastic!”

Chris And His Co-ex-girlfriend Star’s Split After F|our Years of Dating.

Chris and his co-ex-girlfriend star’s had split up. Chris dated his Girl Code co-star Carly Aquilino in 2010 after four years of dating.

They spent a considerable bit of time together as a pair.

They shared a humorous video in 2013 after relocating together showing how happy they were to learn they weren’t expecting. Sadly, they split up in 2014 after a four-year relationship.

Similar to Tyra Banks’s split from her photographer boyfriend before her wedding

Fans were stunned to learn of the separation because they had seen many of his and his ex-private girlfriend’s moments shared on social media.

Chris Distefano Is Proud Supporter of Gay Community

Chris, who was born on August 26, 1894, has always found humor in life.

The Brooklyn, New York comedian’s comedy exudes wit and optimism. He avoids engaging in contentious political issues.

He does, however, occasionally use Twitter to tweet messages of support for the LGBTQ+ community. When the US Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage in June 2015, he tweeted to congratulate his LGBT pals on the decision.

He noted: “All of my LGBT friends, congratulations on the wonderful news of the day! Don’t mention my a** going forward until you’re prepared to propose.”