Maxime Parisi
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Who is Maxime Parisi?

Maxime Parisi is a French personal trainer and IFBB professional bodybuilder from Cannes. When he won the 2014 French Cup, he gained attention in Europe.

Short Career of Maxime Parisi

Maxime Parisi loved playing sports like rugby and soccer growing up and was always very active. Because of his love of sports, he decided to try weightlifting to increase his strength and size.

He became fascinated with working out and growing muscle as soon as he began lifting weights. He hired a professional coach and participated in several amateur tournaments, winning them all with ease.

Maxime started participating in professional IFBB shows in more recent years. He won the French Cup in 2014, and soon after, he achieved a series of outstanding results.

Body Measurements of Maxime Parisi

Full Name: Maxime Parisi 
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
AGE: 5’9″ (175cm)

Maxime Parisi



  • 2014 WFF Rippert Body Show, 2nd
  • 2014 WFF Appolon de France, 1st
  • 2014 Musclemania, 1st
  • 2014 IFBB French Cup, 1st
  • 2015 IFBB European Championships, 4th
  • 2015 IFBB Euro Arnold Classic, 2nd

“I have always been a daredevil, my father got me into extreme sports”

Biography of Maxime Parisi

Young Years

Maxime Parisi was quite athletic as a child and participated in a variety of activities while growing up in Cannes, France, including karate, gymnastics, soccer, cliff diving, kickboxing, rugby, weightlifting, and parkour.

As he approached his adolescent years, he started making attempts to alter his physique to look his finest. He “totally” committed himself to the bodybuilding lifestyle and viewed weightlifting as an athletic and “harmonious” sport.

Taking Up Heavy Training

Maxime also desired to increase his muscularity. He believed that developing a strong foundation early in life would benefit him later in life.

As a result, he started working out hard with IFBB professional coach Arnaud Plaisant. He was shown some exercises by Arnaud that would drastically alter his physique, and the two of them developed a close professional relationship.

Winnable Contests

Maxime opted to compete across France after working with Arnaud to develop an amazing body and rekindle his confidence. He competed in the WFF Rippert Body Show in 2014, and his performance earned him a second-place finish.

Maxine would need to win the next two events, so he worked hard in preparation, knowing that if the judges liked what they saw, he might win a Pro Card. Maxime had a wonderful first performance at the WFF Appolon de France, where he easily won first place.

Just a few months after this show, Maxime waited eagerly for the outcome at Musclemania 2014. He was overjoyed when the judges announced his victory and enthusiastically accepted the first-place trophy, his pro card, and the cash award.

IFBB Events

Maxime was now qualified to compete among pros at important tournaments thanks to his victory at Musclemania. His first competition was the 2014 IFBB French Cup, which he also won.

As a result, he has crowned the French champion and received widespread media coverage. Later, he finished fourth and second, respectively, at the IFBB European Championships and the IFBB Euro Arnold Classic.

Training of Maxime Parisi

Training Method

Depending on the season and the events he is training for, Maxime opts to train 4 or 5 times a week. He works out hard and pulls huge weights to push his body to its absolute limits.

He performs all of his sets and reps until he reaches failure. He enjoys the burn this produces and thinks that it is the only way to break through training plateaus and add more weight to his lifts.

Favorite Workouts

The squat is one of Maxime’s favorite workouts. He enjoys packing the barbell with plates while performing deep squats. According to him, there is no better exercise for calf and quad development.

In addition to the squat, Maxime enjoys performing hanging leg lifts to work his abdominals. While hanging in this posture, he twists as well, hitting his obliques and generating a lot of stress.

Maxime Parisi

Nutrition of Maxime Parisi

Healthy and High in Protein

When it comes to his nutrition, Maxime prioritizes high-quality vegetables while consuming wholesome, organic foods. He typically consumes 100 g of oatmeal with 50 g of whey in the morning, followed by a vitamin drink.

Maxime Parisi eats a handful of almonds at around 10 a.m., praising the nut for its high protein and mineral content. His first significant meal of the day, consisting of 150g of fish with 100g of pasta, green veggies, and an omega-3 tablet, is consumed shortly after.

Maxime eats dinner after having a whey protein shake and a cereal bar for a snack. He eats a variety of meats here, but 150g of red meat, white fish, or lean meats like chicken and beef are included.

These meats are always served with vegetables and wholesome grains like brown rice or sweet potatoes. They are followed by a BCAA and glutamine beverage.

Favorite Dish

Maxime would select tartare steak and salad if he could only eat one dish. But on cheat days, he’d get a huge, greasy burger and some sweet potato fries. He claims that occasionally, everybody merits a reward.


Maxime employs a variety of dietary supplements to meet his needs for his workouts. He consumes whey protein and creatine regularly and takes vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 supplements (as mentioned above.)

Influences and Idols

Maxime enjoys watching the legends of bodybuilding for motivation. He thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proportionality is unmatched in bodybuilding history and respects what he accomplished in his prime.

As a habitual cliff diver who enjoys extreme sports, Maxime also admires Orlando Duque for his accomplishments in high diving on a global scale.

How can Maxime Parisi Teach Us?

Young Maxime understood the significance of bodybuilding. Maxime Parisi gained size and strength from it, but it also significantly improved his discipline.

With this determination, he gave all of his attention to his bodybuilding route, winning tournaments. If you possess the same tenacity for success as Maxime possesses, who knows where you could wind up?