Diet Coke is a favorite drink of people around the world. And now McDonald’s, the fast food chain has removed it from their menu. And people are furious. They have vent their frustrations online.

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Diet Coke

Diet Coke is a popular drink that people worldwide enjoy. It claims it has low calories and is flavored water with minerals. It is a sugar free drink. The Coca-Cola company’s other similar drink is Coke No Sugar. It is also sugar free like Diet Coke and has very low calories. Both contain artificial sweeteners. But the difference is in their taste. This is because they have different flavoring agents added to them.

Diet Coke vs Coke No Sugar (Source: Health line)

Diet Coke has a lighter cola taste. Whereas Coke No Sugar is developed to have a flavor similar to the original Coke. The latter coke had sugar in it. But somehow, Diet Coke is a favorite with many people. That flavor of Coke is liked by many and it is ordered often at these fast food eating outlets.

Australian McDonald’s and its changed menu

The McDonald’s outlets in Australia have changed their menu recently and removed Diet Coke from it. The assistant manager at a Queensland outlet did confirm this. It will be off the Australian outlets from 11 January 2023. And instead customers can order Coke No Sugar in its place. The assistant manager said:

Yes, this is true! Diet Coke will be permanently taken off the menu once we sell all of our current stock. You will still be able to order Coke No Sugar if you wish to.”

McDonald’s (Source: TripAdvisor)

A McDonald’s spokesperson said:

“At McDonald’s we are committed to providing great-tasting, great-value food and drinks   our customers know and love.”

Further, the spokesperson revealed that the eatery regularly reviews its menu and evolves it. This it does to meet the changing customer’s tastes and preferences. And it was after reviewing the customer feedback that the company has decided to stop selling Diet Coke across its Australian outlets from 11 January 2023. There is still a growing popularity for low or no sugar beverages. Hence the company will continue to sell its other low sugar beverage, Coke No Sugar.

Response of customers

However, McDonalds’ customers are not happy with this changed menu and its announcement. They vented their frustration online. They accused the firm of stripping away its most-loved drinks. One person commented online:

“Coke Zero taste like crap. Looks like I will just stick to water now with anything that I get from McDonald’s”

And another person wrote:

Never will I ever buy from McDonald’s again.”

Angry customer (Source: Kent Online)

And a third said:

“The Coke No Sugar is rubbish. Just syrup.

While a fourth remarked:

“Nooo! I hate the taste of Coke and Coke No Sugar. I love Diet Coke. I don’t eat Macca’s that often but def losing a customer here.”

Another person said that he develops gastric problems with Coke No Sugar and he could tolerate Diet Coke. But now that it is out, he will not be able to eat at McDonald’s.

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There are others who are not affected by this move and feel that both Colas taste the same.

It was just two months back that the firm had switched from the popular Sprite to its no sugar version.