Michaela Augustsson
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Who is Michaela Augustsson?

Swedish fitness competitor, powerlifter, and physiotherapist Michaela Augustsson. She won the Swedish national championship in the 2015–2016 season of athletic fitness contests.

She also won silver in the under 63 kg weight class at the Swedish national powerlifting championships.

Short Career of Michaela Augustsson

Michaela Augustsson wasn’t always a fan of the fitness lifestyle, even though she now does. She used to be a really good floorball player.

She pondered about making this sport her career because she loved it so much. However, Michaela suffered a wound when she was 16 years old.

During one of her floorball matches, she suffered an ACL tear in her left knee. She suffered another injury to the same knee two years later.

After these things happened, Michaela had no desire to play floorball again. In her own words, “I got tired and stopped playing floorball.

went to college in the US city of San Diego and participated in numerous training and health-related courses and programs.

In San Diego, Michaela learned about other forms of exercise. She was astounded by it right away and decided to make it her full-time career.

Michaela achieved her aim in 2016 by becoming a sponsored fitness model, a competitive powerlifter, and a growing social media celebrity.

“I find motivation in always trying something new, challenging myself. To take one’s self out of their comfort zone is a good thing to create new motivation and maybe find new favorites.”

Body Measurements of Michaela Augustsson

Full Name: Michaela Augustsson
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Powerlifter
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)

Michaela Augustsson


  • Sponsored Athlete
  • Physiotherapist (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Fitness Model
  • Powerlifter


Cardio: Michaela’s Perspective

Michaela occasionally works out with cardio, but only when it’s in season. She achieves her body fat percentage targets more quickly by doing this.

She will, however, try to avoid doing cardio whenever possible. Michaela thinks it might be worse for her muscles than beneficial.

Michaela has the following to say about cardio: “I’m against all that ridiculous stuff with cardio frenetic.

With all that walking, you put your body through even more stress; inflammations or stress fractures in the foot or shin splints are common.

And eventually, you’re going to start depleting your muscles with a strict diet and a lot of cardio.

Working Your Triceps and Chest

Michaela bases her exercises on increasing muscle and strength during the off-season.

She uses a lot of precise motions, small weights, and high repetitions during the off-season to help her prepare for her Athlete Fitness competitions in Sweden.

  • Bench-press- working set up to workload 4-5 set then 5×5
  • Dips- warm-up a few sets of 5-10reps. Intervals set 6-8 with 8-10 dips (competition rules) and 45-sec rest
  • Rep out – using powerband under knees for extra help up, repping out to failure often around 30-40 reps a 3 set
  • Complement exercise- push-ups with power band as extra load, different if using small or wide hand placement. Going to failure, then take away the power band going for some more extra x 3 set
  • Pushdowns with rope in cable 10-12 reps x 4 set
  • Ending with some Intervals rows 30s x 30s x 5 intervals

Michaela’s Top 3 Exercises

  1. Squats – Michaela says this exercise strengthens her entire body, and most importantly – it builds awesome-looking legs and glutes. This exercise is the epitome of “no bullshit, just hard work”, said Michaela.
  2. Intervals – Michaela loves all forms of intervals, be it short explosive bursts on the treadmill, or sprints outside of the gym.
  3. Row-machine – This one helps Michaela speed up her metabolism. It also gives her a nice feeling after she’s done with the exercise.

“I often listen to Rock and Metal. That’s what gets me going in the gym.”


Simple and Healthful Fat Loss Diet

Michaela says she eats “simply pure and simple good stuff” for her diet. She consumes a lot of vegetables, chicken, spaghetti, potatoes, and sausage. She enjoys raspberries in particular and drinks a lot of lactose-free yogurts.

Michaela will eat fermented foods and lactose-free yogurt to help strengthen her intestines.

She frequently eats nuts as snacks because they are high in beneficial fats.

Breaking Up Once a Week

Michaela has one day a week where she indulges in any food she desires in terms of cheat meals. Since she works out hard in the gym to burn those extra calories, this one day does not affect her overall dietary habits.

A hamburger is Michaela’s preferred treat food.

Michaela’s Supplements for Basics

Michaela’s daily supplement stack consists of just a few items. She exclusively consumes whey and casein protein, BCAAs, and maybe a pre-workout supplement.

Throughout the year, there are times when Michaela just gets her macronutrients from food, not from any supplements.

She claims that giving up supplements had no significant impact on the way she looked because she felt that a healthy diet was sufficient in and of itself.

“During a diet, of course, I need to use the scale to see that my diet is working and is up to plan and schedule for my competition. Otherwise, I never use a scale.  As long as I’m happy with my body it doesn’t matter how much my weight is.”

Influences and Idols

Jenny Adolfsson, a teammate and close friend of Michaela’s, is one of her main role models. Successful powerlifter, fitness competitor, and CrossFitter Jenny.

According to Michaela, Jenny was always willing to take on new tasks and was never hesitant to step outside of her comfort zone. This is one of the reasons Michaela decided to make Jenny her main role model in terms of fitness and life.

What Michaela Augustsson Can Teach Us?

In Michaela Augustsson’s teenage years, Michaela Augustsson was a successful floorball player. She hoped to pursue a career as a professional athlete in the future.

However, Michaela lost the “spark” she once had for floorball after twice recovering from a significant knee injury.

Michaela Augustsson ultimately decided to pursue a career in fitness, and over the years, she was successful. She developed into a successful powerlifter with two significant medals and a fitness icon.

Michaela feels thankful for everything that has transpired as she looks back on her life.

Sometimes it could be a good idea to see the positive side of bad things that happen to you.

Since these circumstances may present you with fresh opportunities, like in Michaela Augustsson’s example, you can never be sure.