Mindy Kaling

American actress Mindy Kaling had put on a lot of weight during the pandemic and after her second delivery in September 2020.

Now she has lost weight. But she did not do any specific dieting for it, she revealed.

Mindy Kaling talks of her weight loss journey

Hollywood actress, Mindy Making, 42 delivered her second child during lockdown in September 2020. She explained in an interview with ET:

I had my son in the first year of the pandemic in September 2020. … It was this almost extended maternity leave. I wasn’t going to be on camera, the studios were shut down,”

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling (Source: US magazine)

Her first child is daughter Katherine, 4 and her second one is Spencer who is now 18 months old. Mindy added:

After I had my daughter I had to shoot a movie, like, two months later, so I was very much like, ‘Just give me grilled salmon and sautéed spinach. I’m going to eat that for three months.’”

Did Mindy diet to slim down now?

After her second pregnancy, Mindy had no pressures to slim down. It was lockdown time and there were no filming of projects at that time.

So she took her time to lose the pregnancy fat. Hence she continued to est what she liked during the coronavirus lockdown. She said:

When the world started coming back a little bit I thought, ‘This kind of eating … is probably not the way to go,’”

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Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling (Source: People)

Mindy disclosed:

Honestly, I didn’t really do anything differently,”

“I eat what I like to eat. If I do any kind of restrictive diet, it never really works for me. I just eat less of it. … I wish there was something more juicy or dynamic about the way that I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but that’s the way I’ve done it.”

Mindy and her acceptance of her body image

The actress is on the heftier side. She used to be conscious about her body image.

But over time and with the two pregnancies, she has started accepting her body image and embracing it. In May last year, she told Shape magazine:

“I feel like in conversations about fitness and exercise, if you’re going to be talking about someone who’s healthy and fit, you have to be a hard body with, like, a six-pack.”

“But that’s not really how it works, and I have learned to embrace [my body] in the past six months [since having a baby].”

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling (Source: Page Six)

Mindy is a single mom. She has not revealed the name of the biological father of her kids. She is raising her children with the help of a full time nanny and her family members.

Mindy lost her mother, Swati Roysircar to pancreatic cancer in 2012. She was very close to her. Mindy told Vogue in December 2020:

“The best relationship I had in my life was the one with my mom,”

“It was so pure and so fun and uncomplicated, and I hope that I can have that with my son or daughter — if I’m lucky, with at least one of my kids — when they get older.”