Morning sickness

Majority of pregnant women get morning sickness. This is uncomfortable and often they need medications for it. But do you know that certain foods can also assist in relief from this nauseating illness. The food as medicine approach would be safer than the chemical compounds. Which are the foods that one should eat to overcome the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy?

Morning sickness

More than fifty percent of pregnant women get morning sickness. This is worse during the first three months of pregnancy. The pregnant lady feels nausea, vomiting and retches a lot. She has certain unusual cravings for foods and there might be loss of appetite too. If vomiting is excessive, it could lead to dehydration. The problems occur due to hormonal changes.

Medicines help but they might have other adverse effects. They can also cause fetal abnormalities. But fortunately, certain foods are great in causing relief from this sickness. They can be safely consumed and are effective too. Here are some tips for nausea relief.

Morning sickness
Morning sickness (Source: Parents)

Eat small and often

One mistake that pregnant ladies with morning sickness do is not eat often. They feel it will worsen their sickness. But this also worsens their dehydration. Nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth opines:

But it’s better to have something in your stomach.”

Have small feeds frequently. Prefer high protein snacks. Keep nibbling on something every one or two hours.


These are sour and good to reduce nausea. A small study on 100 volunteers showed that tasting or smelling lemons relieve nausea.

Morning sickness
Lemons relieve nausea (Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Real ginger

This can cure motion sickness and morning sickness too. Lick on the real ginger or its candy form. One can sip on ginger ale for similar benefits.


The salt in it helps. Frances explains:

If you’ve been vomiting, you may be dehydrated, and a little sodium can help you feel better,”

Try whole grains crackers or rice crackers.

Cooler juices and drinks

These ease the upset stomach and also rehydrate at the same time. Try these when the going gets tough.


This is safe for pregnancy and the growing fetus. It is an age old remedy for morning sickness. Use it to quieten your tummy. You can have it in a tea form or you can use mint leaves on salads or other food dishes.

Morning sickness
Ice pops (Source: Foodal)

Foods high in vitamin B6

Avocados and salmon have high levels of vitamin B6. They can be taken to ease the queasy stomach of pregnancy. Vitamin B6 supplements also help.

Identify the triggers

Certain foods can worsen the nausea. These foods are different for different people. Most common nauseating foods are kimchi or greasy foods. Foods with high fats content or strong smells are to be avoided.

Drink lots of water

Frances elaborates:

When the stomach is empty or when you’re dehydrated is when you’re going to feel the nausea the most,”

Using straw to drink, small sips or sucking on frozen fruit pops helps.

Stress management

Stress and fatigue can worsen the sickness. Do proper stress management and avoid tiring activities. Keep calm and stay away from strong odors including perfumes.

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Hot weathers

Hot weathers can increase your feelings of nausea. Have a cooler environment around you. Put the fan on. Use coolers or air conditioner to cool the air around.