Motoko Kusanagi
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An anime/manga character from the Ghost In The Shell series is Motoko Kusanagi. She is also referred to as the Major.

In the show, the Major and military base character Motoko Kusanagi. But after the last movie, the character became quite well-known. So continue reading if you also want the Motoko exercise plan.

Motoko Kusanagi Body Stats

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 60 kg
Age 46 or more years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 21-22 inch
Hips 34-35 inch

Workout Routine For Motoko Kusanagi, Training Sessions

Motoko Kusanagi
Motoko Kusanagi Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements

Character Motoko Kusanagi is renowned for having a fantastic body. One of the most well-known characters in Japan is Motoko, and many people adore her entire body and level of fitness.

She gained more fame, though, after Scarlett Johansson portrayed the character virtually in the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell. Around the world, people’s love for the character grew at that point.

Unbelievably, a lot of people aspire to look like Motoko from that 2017 film. Indeed, and it’s not amusing. Even Scarlett Johansson needed months of training and healthy eating to achieve Motoko’s physique.

From Scarlett’s physical attributes to her overall appearance, the character was modeled after her.

In numerous Ghost In The Shell interviews and promotions, Scarlett stated that she was working out like a muscle man trainer to achieve a military-style physique.

Scarlett Johansson’s daily routine included eating healthily, attending training sessions, and returning home early so she could get a good night’s sleep.

The schedule was quite busy. She included numerous full-body workouts into the rigorous training every day. Her endurance, strength, and training were the only things that mattered.

Scarlett Johansson has also stated that she has tried yoga, Pilates, and other routines, but that ultimately, full-body strength training works best for her.

Scarlett also emphasized eating cleanly and other things that you can check out and watch in this E Online video.

To achieve the physique of Motoko, you must exercise five days per week, including cardio, full-body exercises, and some type of fight training.

Because Motoko is a Major, you need to be able to fight, and Scarlett is always honing her fighting skills as she trains for stunts in films like Lucy and Marvel.

To help you develop an exceptional physique and a body type like Motoko, we will introduce more MMA exercises.

The exercises by Motoko include:


We’ll start with basic cardio exercises and concentrate on running. If you wish to have a physique like Motoko Kusanagi, you will need to have the stamina and endurance required for the character.

But don’t worry, the routine won’t be too challenging.

  • Run 1 mile at a steady pace.
  • 10 200-meter sprints (30 seconds rest between each sprint)
  • 10 100-meter sprints (45 seconds rest between each sprint)
  • 10 50-meter sprints (30 seconds rest between each sprint)

MMA Technique

We will perform a comprehensive MMA routine, beginning with stretching and progressing to sparring, boxing, heavy pad workouts, etc., to improve our endurance, power, core, strength, and conditioning.

After your fighting session, it’s time to focus on your whole body strength and conditioning, thus I would advise going and joining an MMA gym to receive all the equipment there.

Energetic Warm-up

Sets: 3

45-second reps

  • animal claws
  • tall knees
  • Arm movements
  • Aerial squats


4 rounds

Reps: 4-6

pause for 30 seconds

  • Spartan producers
  • Burpee push-up jump
  • 8-min barbell complicated EMOM
  • Power washing
  • do front squats
  • Input: Push
  • Snatch

Friday And Tuesday

4 rounds

Reps: 4-6

pause for 30 seconds

  • biceps curls
  • press-ups to squats
  • Cable draws
  • shoulder press with curls
  • swinging a kettlebell


4 rounds

Reps: 4-6

pause for 30 seconds

  • Use a foam roller to activate muscles (Do it for 5 minutes and target as many muscles as you can)
  • HIIT workout (45 seconds on 15 seconds off for five sets)
  • Leg bridge (with barbell)
  • Leaning to the side
  • Arm movements
  • With a twist, lunge (weight plate)


5 rounds.

Reps: 5-7

Rest for one minute.

  • Rotational medium ball toss
  • chuck a med ball overhead
  • Slammed med balls
  • Pushing a landmine
  • Rack draws
  • Barbell happy morning

Core Exercise (After Every MMA Routine) of Motoko Kusanagi

Sets: 4

  • 20 crunches
  • 20 cross-crunches
  • 15 leg raises
  • 20 Russian twists
  • 40 seconds of side planks
  • Holding a plank until failure.

The Motoko Kusanagi exercise program is complete.