Nika Lazutina
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Who Is Nika Lazutina?

Russian fitness model, personal trainer, and IFBB Bikini Pro Nika Lazutina. She now lives in Miami, Florida, despite having been born and reared in Russia.

Nika possesses all the qualities needed to be a successful bikini athlete, including a strong enthusiasm for training and an amazing physique.

She continues to advance in the modeling, bodybuilding, and competitive industries. But there will undoubtedly be much more from her in the coming future.

“Those that gossip behind your back are doing so for a reason, so don’t worry about them,”

Body Measurements Of Nika Lazutina 

Full Name: Nika Lazutina
PROFESSION: Bikini Competitor, Training and Nutrition Coach, Fitness Contest Owner
ERA: `2010


  • Bikini Pro IFBB
  • Coach for Exercise and Nutrition
  • Exercise Model
  • Owner of a fitness contest


Short Career Of Nika Lazutina Nika Lazutina

Over time, Nika Lazutina’s training has evolved. Nika was mostly concerned with cardio and small weights when she initially arrived at the gym. She wanted a strong, toned, and attractive physique, but this didn’t provide her that.

Nika Lazutina then understood that she needed to alter her training strategy. She cut back on her aerobics and started lifting a lot of weights. Her physical condition started to get better at this point.

After years of “hardcore” training, Nika attained her ideal body, which helped her launch a successful modeling and fitness career.

Important Workouts For A Toned BodyNika Lazutina

The main exercises Nika performs in the gym are listed below;

  • Scaled Planks
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Weighted Hip Thrusts
  • Roll-outs in Ab
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups with weights

Nutrition, (Exercise)Nika Lazutina

Nika is well aware of the value of dieting because she competes as a professional bikini athlete. Lean meat, leafy greens, olive oil, low-fat cheese, sweet potatoes, and other nutrient-dense foods make up the majority of her diet because of this.

Nika can keep up her amazing shape all year long thanks to her healthy diet. In other words, when training for her competitions, she is not required to adhere to an “off-season” or “in-season” eating plan.

What Nika Lazutina Can Teach Us?

What we can take away from Nika Lazutina is that altering how you train can result in various outcomes.

Nika’s results “skyrocketed” when she cut back on her aerobics and increased the time she spent doing weights. She becomes more toned, stronger, and fitter.

The next time you hit a fitness plateau, think back to Nika’s example. Maybe all you need is a small adjustment to your workout regimen to get excellent results.