Nina Silic
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Who Is Nina Silic?

Australian fitness model and bikini contender Nina Silic is well-known for having undergone a makeover.

Short Career of Nina Silic

Nina Silic was a healthy, active child, but as she got older, her weight began to fluctuate.

She transitioned from one extreme to another throughout that time, from being overweight to malnourished. As a result, she suffered mentally and struggled greatly with her self-confidence.

After numerous ups and downs, as well as depressive episodes, Nina was able to triumph over all of these challenges.

She started paying close attention to her nutrition and exercise, attempting to be adaptable and “mindful” when making dietary decisions.

Since then, she has developed into a prominent fitness star in Australia and a role model for everyone, using her struggles in the past as a tool to get stronger and succeed in life.

Body Measurements of Nina Silic

Full Name: Nina Silic
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Professional Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model, Nutrition Coach
WEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)
HEIGHT: 145 – 155lbs (65.8 – 70.3kg)

Nina Silic


  • March 2011 Bikini Champion IFBB Grand Prix
  • Oct 2011 IFBB O’mara Classic Overall Bikini Champion
  • March 2012 IFBB O’mara Classic Overall Bikini Champion
  • March 2012 IFBB Australasian Title 2nd Place
  • October 2012 IFBB Women’s World Championships Poland Top 6
  • October 2012 Arnold Classic Europe Top 6
  • November 2012 IFBB Australian National Championships 1st Place
  • March 2013 Arnold Classic Ohio 3rd Place
  • March 2013 FITX Pro Qualifier Winner – Pro Card Earned
  • 2013 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XIII, 8th


Problems with Weight and Dance

Since she started dancing at age 3, Nina Silic has had an active and healthy lifestyle. She eagerly participated in dancing classes throughout her elementary school years and teenage years in the hopes that she would one day turn it into a career.

However, Nina began to experience issues with her weight as she reached her early 20s. She would rapidly put on a lot of weight before losing it a few months later and appearing dangerously underweight.

She became disinterested in dance as well as other aspects of life as a result, which hurt her self-confidence.

In Nina’s own words, “I would barely eat all day and was the girl who would hammer out hours of cardio in the gym in continuous attempts to try to lose weight.

Then, to support this, I would binge drink and go out drinking on the weekends. The end consequence was a continuous cycle of weight loss and gain that was detrimental to both my health and self-esteem.

Years went by with this terrible cycle, and Nina had no idea how to stop it. Later, to rebuild her self-confidence, she decided to enroll in professional dancing training at the Sydney art college.


Nina had advanced in her career as a dancer, but she was still plagued by poor self-esteem.

No matter how well I performed in class or how many opportunities I had for auditions, she claimed, “I would always self-sabotage and talk myself down, afraid of what other people would think of me.”

To escape her “self-induced rut,” Nina confided in a close friend about her issues. The friend then suggested that Nina use “the iron”—the weight machines at the gym—as an outlet for all of her unfavorable feelings and insecurities.

Nina soon concluded that joining the gym was one of her best moves because it allowed her to escape the stress in her life. “It was a vacation for me, an escape from my difficulties,” she remarked.

Transformation for the better

Nina began to notice significant changes in her looks during the ensuing months. She soon realized that the gym was much more than simply an “escape” for her; it had evolved into a necessity.

Nina decided to try to pursue a career in fitness instead of dance by competing in bikini shows as a result of a series of events. She started preparing for her first competition in January 2011.

She participated in the show after two months of severe dieting and exercise, and by taking first place, she exceeded even her highest hopes.

Nina was “hooked” on the fitness lifestyle from that point forward and started routinely competing. She had won four shows by March 2013, one of which was the 2013 FITX Pro Qualifier, earning her a Pro Card.

Pulling the Negativity Back

However, Nina’s path to winning the Pro Card wasn’t exactly straightforward. Due to rigorous dieting and overtraining in the gym during those two years she competed, she severely damaged her body.

She consumed fewer than 1200 calories per day. She also spent hours doing cardio and weight training to acquire the “ideal appearance,” which was unattainable.

After receiving her Pro Card, she was therefore given the following diagnoses: hypothalamic dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, and chronic tendinitis.

“I was never confident or satisfied in my flesh, no matter how skinny or fit I pushed myself to become.”

Making a Permanent Change to Your Health and Happiness

Nina decided to finally take charge of her life after experiencing another “rock bottom” in terms of her mental and physical health.

She had difficulty adapting to a diet that allowed her to appear and feel healthy at first; it took her several years. But with time, she was able to successfully change from the inside out, becoming the person she had always imagined.

Nina is now a well-known fitness competitor whose life story has motivated numerous ladies dealing with related problems all over the world.

“I try to switch up my exercises, reps, and sets every week to keep the body guessing,” the author said.


Using Exercise to Lose Fat

All forms of cardio “do their job,” according to Nina. She has discovered that switching up her fitness programs frequently is the greatest method to reduce fat.

This implies that occasionally she’ll walk normally on a treadmill and other times she might run outside. In the words of Nina, “I appreciate spontaneity.”

Whatever form of exercise Nina selects, she always remembers to “sweat it out.”

Nina’s Exercise Program

Nina works out for five days straight, followed by two days off. Her typical training split looks like this;


  • Morning – Cardio
  • Evening – Legs


  • Morning- Cardio
  • Evening – Shoulders, Triceps, Abs


  • AM Cardio
  • PM Hamstrings, Calves


  • Morning – Cardio
  • Evening – Back, Biceps


  • Morning – Cardio
  • Evening – Glutes


  • Rest (which generally includes Running around like crazy doing errands and going to appointments)


  • Rest

Top 3 Exercises

Nina’s favorite body parts are her legs and glutes. These are her top exercises for developing these body parts;

  • Hamstring Curls
  • Lunges
  • Kick-backs

“I take photos every week or two. It really helps put things into perspective when you compare them over a period of time. Sometimes you don’t feel any different or the weight on the scales has not shifted but you most certainly look different.”


Balanced Diet to Lose Weight

Nina maintains a high-protein diet all year long. She also consumes a healthy combination of slow-acting carbohydrates and fats to improve her mood and energy levels.

She specifically eats only whole, healthy foods, making sure to get enough vegetables into her diet every single day.

Oats, sweet potatoes, brown grains, chicken, peanut butter, green vegetables, salmon, flaxseed oil, and egg whites are a few of the items she often consumes.

Nina will choose raw cacao powder if she is in the mood for something sweet. This, in her opinion, is healthier than ingesting sugar-free treats like cakes and milk chocolate.

Influences and Idols

Ava Cowan, Monica Brant, and Jamie Eason are Nina’s fitness role models. Nina was motivated by these athletes to start competing in fitness competitions and lead a healthy lifestyle.

What Can Nina Silic Teach Us?

For many years of her life, Nina Silic battled eating and body image issues. They not only hurt her appearance, but they also diminished her sense of worth and also affected her mental health.

She had to overcome these difficulties over a long period, but when she did, she was stronger than ever. Even while these life-changing occurrences might have appeared to be for the worst, they ultimately made her considerably stronger and healthier.

This is why it’s critical to view challenging circumstances in your life as chances to learn from them and become stronger. You can achieve your goals, just like Nina Silic if you approach life with this mentality.