Rachel Morrissey
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Who Is Rachel Morrissey?

Rachel Morrissey is an American figure competitor, nutrition student, and personal trainer.

She has a large following on social media thanks to her motivational postings, dietary suggestions, and exercise manuals.

Growing childhood, Rachel had a deep love for both running and sports. She persevered in the sport throughout high school and college because she was told by her teachers that she could become well-known in it.

Rachel struggled to return to the sport after suffering a severe spinal injury, but she did so in a record amount of time. Before opting to participate in fitness competitions, she also earned a personal training certification.

She has consistently been in the top three since 2011, notably gaining a first place at the 2011 Bikini NPC North Star.

She owns an online personal training business and loves to assist other women with their health objectives. Here is her account:

Body Measurements Of Rachel Morrissey 

Full Name: Rachel Morrissey
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Figure Competitor, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
ERA: 2010


  • Career
  • Professional Personal Trainer (ISSA)
  • Holistic Nutritionist AFPA
  • Featured Athlete


  • North Star, #1 in the 2011 Bikini NPC
  • 2012 NPC Fargo Figure, Third
  • Figure Gopher Classic 2012, third place
  • 2013 Figure Ms. MN Novice, 3rd NANBF
  • Bikini 2013: Junior Nationals


Short Career Of Rachel Morrissey Rachel Morrissey

Rachel recalls being quite active and enthusiastic about running in middle school. Her teachers encouraged her to continue running throughout high school, and their advice resonated with her.

They gave her some of the most effective advice of her life in the form of encouragement.

She created her first exercise plan when she was just 13 years old. According to Rachel, she hung it up on her garage wall because she wanted to get in the greatest shape of her life.

The exercises she listed included “push-ups, pull-ups, jump rope, jumping jacks, layups, free throws, and some strange army drills,” and she said that pushing her body to the maximum made her feel alive.

Experiencing Pain Or Injury

She ran competitively from the ages of 14 to 22, and eventually picked up the sport in college.

She sustained a chronic spinal injury in college while working out for 1000 meters in succession a few weeks before the nationals.

Within a year, she was back racing thanks to “plenty of chiropractic visits, lifting, building a good core, and of course never giving up.”

Obtaining A Certificate For Personal TrainingRachel Morrissey

Rachel joined a spin class to remain in shape because of her passion for sports and exercise. The group instructor in this lesson would frequently pull her apart to discuss nutrition and exercise.

In the end, he would assist Rachel in pursuing and obtaining her ISSA personal trainer degree.

For Rachel, taking this course would be a tremendous learning opportunity because it would have helped her choose a new career that wasn’t related to running.

Entering Fitness Competitions

Rachel Morrissey decided to permanently transition from running to fitness competitions when she was 24 years old.

At her neighborhood gym, her business partner informed her that she would need to start competing to continue training his clientele. She may not have seen her potential, but he saw it.

He repeatedly assured her that she had the genetic make-up and that she needed to “prove him wrong.” She decided to compete after researching it for a few months, starting with bikini competitions.

She recognized it was the sport for her after winning the 2011 Bikini NPC North Star. Rachel adored every element of it, including dieting, posing, and training.

She earned a reputation for herself in the world of the female physique in 2012 and 2013 by finishing in the top three at every tournament she entered.

Getting A Nutritionist Degree

Rachel knows that she needs to work just as hard in the kitchen as she does in the gym to prepare for these events.

She consequently developed a strong interest in holistic nutrition. Rachel completed a course to earn her certification as an AFPA Holistic Nutritionist.

She can assist folks with their diets in his capacity. She claims that she gained a lot of knowledge from the course and uses it daily in her training practice.

Performing an upright dumbbell row, Rachel Morrissey demonstrates her toned arms, quadriceps, and calves.

“What you look like doesn’t define who you are; however, leading a healthy lifestyle will enable you to live a more happy and content life.”


Training Protocol

Rachel places a lot of emphasis on incorporating bodyweight and cardio movements in her program. Rachel divides her week into days for each major muscle group and works in weightlifting, long runs, and ab exercises.

She wants to gain and maintain as much mass as she can. Rachel struggles to gain a lot of weight, so when she does, she wants to hold onto it.

  • Monday: Abs/Back (Sprints)
  • Tuesday: Shoulders/Chest (4-mile run)
  • Wednesday: Abs and legs
  • Rest or cardio on Thursday
  • Friday: Triceps and biceps (Sprints)
  • Sunday: Legs and abs (Light)
  • Rest on Sunday.


Rachel Morrissey claims that there is no better option than sprints, hill runs, and sled pushes for completing aerobic workouts. They “develop muscle, definition, and abs without making you excessively slender,” according to her.

Favorite Workouts

The front squat, the bicep curl, and the dumbbell lateral raise are Rachel’s top three workouts.

She uses a light bar to finish the front squat and descends deeply to maximize quadratic stimulation. Fewer workouts, according to her, are more effective for working in this area.

The bicep curl is the ideal exercise for the job when she targets her biceps. She completes this exercise using the barbell and dumbbells, first starting with concentration curls to stimulate the bicep as much as possible.

The dumbbell lateral raise is Rachel’s go-to exercise for enhancing the definition of her delts. She utilizes light dumbbells since she doesn’t believe that adding much weight will improve her form.


Dietary Principles

Rachel appreciates diversity in her diet. She frequently switches up her carbohydrate and vegetable selections, but she consistently eats dependable foods like chicken, eggs, oat bran, avocados, and nut butter.

She chooses to eat two meals a day that contains meat, but occasionally she will reduce her intake of carbs and fat to lose weight. But Rachel loves veggies and makes sure they are part of every meal.

Preferred Snack

Rachel enjoys eating one scoop of coconut butter with another scoop of peanut butter and a final scoop of raw honey dipped in dark chocolate as a quick and delectable snack. She adores the flavor and frequently exclaims that it “blows her mind.”

Avoiding Cravings For Junk Food

Because Rachel is committed to eating great, healthy meals, she no longer wants any junk food. She claims that by making sure her meals are substantial, varied, and nutritional, she prevents the need for fast food.


Rachel Morrissey solely takes garlic extract as a supplement. She saw a naturopathic physician, who informed her that this was the only thing missing from her diet. She takes a standard pill each day to complement the extract.

Influences And Idols

Andreia Brazier is one of Rachel’s favored athletes and fitness models. She admires Andreia for the dedication she has put into maintaining her physical appearance and the reverence she has for her devoted following.

What Rachel Morrissey Can Teach Us?

Throughout her work, Rachel has experienced pressure from others to accomplish her objectives at various times. Her tutors told her she had what it takes to be a professional runner, and it was the first support she had.

Following this, the instructor at her spin class pushed her into competing in fitness competitions before her trainer colleague urged her to become a personal trainer.

Everybody needs supportive people in their fitness journey. Why not approach them and ask for advice if there is someone there who can assist you?