Healthier diets

In order to have a healthier lifestyle, people opt for various healthier diets. The new diet might meet their expectations, but some develop constipation with it. They find it hard to pass stools and sit for hours on the commode. What are the reasons for this decreased bowel movements? And how can one fix it?

Healthier lifestyle and healthier diets

People get health problems and realize that their lifestyle is at fault. Somd have excessive weight and fats and want to shed the flab. In order to have a healthier lifestyle, they change their diets. They adopt any one of the innumerable diets that nutrition and fitness experts recommend for their health issues. These include low carb eating, keto diet, paleo diet, whole 30 diet, gluten free diet etc.

But after using these healthier diets, a lot of people find alteration in their bowel movements. Constipation occurs in them and they cannot overcome it. They cannot figure out the cause of it. Here are three main reasons for constipation on a new diet. Also, know how one can fix the problem easily with certain foods.

Healthier diets
Soluble fiber rich foods (Source: Graciously nourished)

The new diet has less of soluble fiber

Diets such as keto, paleo, whole 30, and gluten free advise people to forego whole grains. Some diets advise a cutback on fruits and root vegetables. Actually, these foods are rich in soluble fiber. The diet recommends low calories food options in their place such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries etc. But these foods have insoluble fiber in them.

Foods rich in soluble fiber holds the water in them and thus provide bulk and softness to the stools. Whereas the insoluble fiber rich foods cannot act in this way. The result is hard stools.

To fix the problem the dieter can have carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, chia seeds, avocado, and cantaloupe. Another option is to consume magnesium salts in 400 to 500 mg dose. Any drug that softens stools might also help.

New diet lacks fats

Healthier diets
Foods containing natural sugars (Source: Pinterest)

Most weight loss diets ask the client to reduce fats. They prohibit milk, milk products or ask the dieter to only have egg whites. Or just plant foods. Therefore food fats drop. Fats in foods stimulate bowel motility. Hence less fats means less bowel movements and therefore constipation.

In such cases, include foods rich in healthy fats in the diet. These are nuts, nut butters, avocados, tahini, seeds, hummus, olive oil, sea foods, fatty fish, etc.

Lack of natural sugars in new diet

Healthier diets
Foods containing natural sugars (Source: Pinterest)

Some restrictive diets ask the followers to not have natural sugars too. Hence they limit milk, milk products, fruits, dried fruits, and even vegetables such as beets and carrots. The natural sugars in these foods stimulate gut motility. Hence lesser consumption of them causes lesser bowel movements and therefore constipation.

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In such cases, drink more water or add more water to prepared foods. Alternatively, one can have magnesium salts in dose of 400 to 500 mg at night for smooth bowel activity.