Robert Pattinson
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British actor Robert Pattinson gained enormous fame as a result of his performance in the Twilight movie.

Even before he had a substantial role in the Harry Potter film, Twilight was what made him famous.

You can still catch Robert Pattinson in the movie Batman in 2021, even though he is currently focused on a much broader project.

For this reason, he even began to bulk up for the movie. If you’re interested in learning more about Robert Pattinson’s diet and fitness routine, keep reading.

Robert Pattinson Body Stats

Height 6 ft 1 inch
Weight 75 kg
Age 34 years
Chest 43 inch
Waist 31 inch
Biceps 16 inch

Exercise Program for Robert Pattinson, Weight Training

The majority of the time, Robert Pattinson is renowned for working out by engaging in various activities like weight training, etc. Since we first saw him in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he has always been in good shape.

Even though some of you might be shocked to learn that we are all currently sequestered in our homes. Robert Pattinson hasn’t spent even a minute exercising or lifting a single weight.

On May 12, the actor admitted to GQ magazine that he is not currently exercising at all. Given that he has such a significant role in his upcoming film and that filming is still ongoing, this news came as quite a shock.

Warner Bros. gave me a trainer and a Bosu ball, but I haven’t used any of them throughout the quarantine, Robert Pattinson added.

Is Robert Pattinson’s Lack Of Exercise Healthy For Him?

I believe it won’t have any negative effects on his life or body as long as he consumes the meals properly.

As I still believe, eating well can help you keep your body form and achieve your fitness goals. Eating well is more important than working out. Now let’s discuss whether it’s good or not.

I’d think it’s probably for the best because he can now finally bulk up significantly. You won’t ever see the body in the bat suit; instead, all that will be visible is the size, as Batman is meant to be bulky rather than ripped.

I believe that this is the reason why he will look good in the future Batman movie.

Why Didn’t The Actor Go To The Gym?

Robert Pattinson reportedly told GQ that exercising too frequently is an issue. People occasionally exercise way too much, which then becomes your issue.

According to Robert Pattinson, actors for the part never got ripped up in the ’70s or ’80s. They just kept their shape and had inherent mass.

I have been eating solely the diet meals Warner Bros. has sent me, but they have never urged me to exercise every day or told me not to gain weight. So, until the quarantine is lifted, that is what Robert Pattinson’s existence entails.

Even still, I’m fairly certain that you’re all still interested in learning about Robert Pattinson’s fitness regimen that will make you look like Batman. Don’t worry, I’ll offer you a program that will have you ripped and bulked up in no time.

Robert Pattinson’s exercise program consists of:

Five Days A Week Of Training.


As your goal is to gain weight, the amount of cardio we’ll perform will be reduced, and it will largely be part of your warm-up routine.

As a result, the cardio exercise will only last 15 to 20 minutes. I’m done now. You are ready to go. You will be engaging in a lot of intense interval running that includes sprints and jogging during that period.

Robert Pattinson Lifting Weights

We will use a conventional bodybuilding plan for weight training to help you bulk up; nothing too fancy. Getting you into Batman shape is the goal here, not getting you too ripped and bulked out like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You will therefore work out for roughly five days using exercises for a single body component as part of this plan.

You should only lift heavy weights for each exercise, and we’ll emphasize proper form, low reps, and longer rest periods.

Studies show that the best technique to build muscle is to choose heavy weights and perform low reps over several sets, so we’ll just concentrate on that.

Robert Pattinson Workout, Day 1

Sets: 5

Reps: six to ten

Time for rest: one minute

  • exercise bench
  • Adjustable bench press
  • Dime-weight press
  • fly’s dumbbells
  • Pressing hex
  • Flying cables

Robert Pattinson Workout, Day 2

Sets: 5

Reps: six to ten

Time for rest: one minute

  • Pull-ups
  • lateral raise
  • rope rows
  • dumbbell rows with one arm
  • Back thigh pushdown
  • Pullover
  • Deadlift

Robert Pattinson Work Out Day 3

Sets: 5

Reps: six to ten

Time for rest: one minute

  • Bench press
  • Military media
  • lateral side increases
  • forward raises
  • Lattice side cable
  • Shrugs
  • Delt insects

Robert Pattinson Workout Day 4

Sets: 5

Reps: six to ten

Time for rest: one minute

  • Bench presses
  • Curls in isolation
  • squat curls
  • Pastoral curls
  • overhead triceps press
  • Brain crusher
  • Trench presses
  • Dips

Robert Pattinson Workout Day 5

Sets: 5

Reps: six to ten

Time for rest: one minute

  • Squats
  • Jump squats
  • Leg lift
  • Leg elongation
  • Knee bends
  • Lunges
  • raising calves

Exercise For Robert Pattinson’s Core

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements

With a core exercise, you can choose how often you want to perform it each week; you can do it twice a week or every day if you like. You ought to perform it at least twice or three times every week, in my opinion.

Sets: 4

15–20 repetitions

pause for 30 seconds

  • Crunches
  • backward crunches
  • Leg lifts
  • heel contacts
  • a Russian spin
  • Planks
  • High plank to elbow
  • Side rails

All of this has to do with Robert Pattinson’s exercise regimen.

Diet Of Robert Pattinson

Warner Bros. has provided Robert Pattinson with a daily eating plan that he must adhere to maintain his physical fitness.

Sadly, we don’t know what Robert Pattinson’s diet entails, but I’m assuming it’s primarily composed of veggies, salads, carbohydrates, and high-fiber foods with good fats.

Robert, I’m assuming, eats five meals a day, including salad, chicken, fish, steak, vegetables, fruits, and a protein shake, among other things, to help him gain weight.

All of this will assist him in gaining muscle while maintaining his fitness, but again, there is little evidence to confirm that he is following this diet exactly. Additionally, he does consume a ton of water each day.

The Robert Pattinson Diet consists of:

Robert Pattinson Breakfast Meal

  • Whole Eggs omelet
  • Coffee
  • Toast or oatmeal
  • Avocado


  • Fruits
  • Salad

Robert Pattinson Lunch Meal

  • Chicken or fish
  • Rice
  • Veggies
  • Salad


  • Salad
  • Protein smoothie

Robert Pattinson Dinner Meal

  • Steak
  • Salad
  • Veggies

This is all about Robert Pattinson’s Diet Plan.