More and more adults worldwide and in the UK are worried about animals and our planet. They are aware that food production involves both these and want to save both of them. A recent survey of RSPCA showed that two-thirds of the consumers want to be sure about the source of their foods.

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The new RSPCA survey

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a charity that promotes animal protection and welfare. It operates in England and Wales regions of the UK. It gets funding from voluntary donations. Founded in 1824, its focus is animals. Currently, it has its headquarters in Southwater in the UK.

RSPCA (Source: Wikipedia)

The society conducted a research lately to know about how people feel about their food origins, animals, and environment. And this survey showed that 70% of the adults in the UK are genuinely worried and want to know the origins of the food they consume daily. And a further 69% stated that farm animal welfare is of utmost importance for them.

The new online resource

Taking key points of this survey, the organization has started a new online resource to provide assistance and info to businesses dealing with animals. They want to encourage these businesses to ensure the welfare of the animals in their team or on the farms. Moreover, the society wants them to provide people with high welfare foods.

The businesses get the RSPCA Assured label if they fulfil the criteria of higher animal welfare at their farms. Those who comply with the guidelines become RSPCA Assured producers. The users have the step by step guide to take up membership and begin using the Assured label.

Farm animal welfare (Source: World animal production)

Cliona Duffy, head of commercial partnerships of the society states:

It lists hundreds of suppliers of RSPCA Assured products across the country, from those offering raw ingredients such as eggs and chicken to processed products like liquid eggs, ice cream and mayonnaise.”

Cliona added:

So we hope both the resources will give the food service industry the boost it needs to better develop higher welfare supply chains and give those already sourcing higher welfare products the tools to market them and reap the benefits.”

Animal welfare: the focus

It was more than three decades back that the society started this Assured scheme. The aim was to improve the welfare of the animals on the farms. Earlier, most farm animals were ill-treated. But the scheme was to lessen that and improve their welfare. Moreover, it will provide the consumers with a greater and higher welfare choice.

Farm animal welfare (Source: Food print)

12% of the UK farm animals are in this scheme and this percentage is rising. Additionally, 90% of the salmon farmed from Scotland and free range eggs are also under the scheme.

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Considering the fact that people are opting for sustainable and better welfare foods, these schemes would be able to satisfy people. It would also help the animals and provide them with improved farm conditions.