Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach
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Who is Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach?

A well-known calisthenics specialist who blends bodyweight exercise with weightlifting is Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach.

He has gained popularity among fitness and calisthenics aficionados across America thanks to his “hybrid” approach to bodybuilding.

Short Career of Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach

Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach first became interested in fitness as a teenager after being interested in sports and exercising. His enthusiasm increased each time, becoming more flexible and muscular at the same time.

To reach his objective, Ryan progressively switched to calisthenics, primarily using body weight as resistance.

In a short period, Ryan established a reputation for himself with a unique approach to training and conditioning. He now has a growing number of internet admirers who are motivated by his example.

“Push yourself! What’s going to separate you from others is the amount of times you are able to get up and try again after failing.”

Body Measurements of Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach

Full Name: Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model and Calisthenics Expert

“Fallen in love with the body and what we can push our bodies to do! Movement has easily become my favorite thing to work outside the gym! Not only that but it’s a blast!”

Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach


  • Fitness Model
  • Calisthenics Athlete

“Be persistent and relentless in everything that you do in life! If you fail (which you will ) Shake it off and try again! Don’t get discouraged by failed attempts, embrace them. They are not the opposite of success, but part of the process to achieving it!”


Full-Body Workout Routine by Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach

All the equipment Ryan utilizes for this workout is a medicine ball, a bench, and a bar. Using this apparatus, he will work every muscle in his body, paying particular attention to his abs and core.

Ryan’s fast-twitch muscle fibers, which give him his explosiveness, are another emphasis of this exercise.

Some of the calisthenics routines Ryan performs in this workout are not suitable for novices. Ryan had to train for years to get these moves just right.

The exercise session can last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. Ryan often exercises twice weekly to keep his speed and agility.

Here is a summary of the exercise;

  • Explosive Push-Up To Benches, 15 Reps. Alternate: Clap Push-Up
  • Explosive Squat, 20 Reps, Starting From Knees On Each Rep
  • Shoulder-To-Shoulder Pull-Up, 5 Reps Per Side
  • Razor Kick Lunge, 1 Set Of 30 Sec. Per Side
  • Feet-Elevated Inverted Row, 1 Set Of 12 Reps
  • Feet-Elevated Medicine-Ball Push-Up, 1 Set Of 15
  • V-Up (Ab Finisher), 10 Reps
  • Single Crossed-Leg Crunch (Ab Finisher), 10 Reps Per Side With Foot Crossed Over Knee Of Opposite Straight Leg
  • Wide-Legged Crunch (Ab Finisher), 10 Reps
  • Cross-Legged Crunch (Ab Finisher), 10 Reps Per Legs With Legs Out Straight

Forceful Push-Ups to Benches

Ryan positions himself in a push-up posture between two large, stable benches to start the exercise. Then he will leap up onto the benches and then rush back to his starting position.

Although it appears to be an upper-body workout, this is a full-body motion.

When performing this workout, Ryan must engage his arms, core, legs, and even feet to maintain balance and use proper technique.

Ryan suggests taking it one rep at a time because the movement might be difficult for beginners.

He adds that there are alternative push-up variations if this exercise appears too challenging. like clapping push-ups or superman push-ups.

Explosive Squat

In this workout, Ryan begins on his knees and then quickly rises to his feet and assumes a standing position by using the motion of his arms.

“Your legs will undoubtedly feel the effects, but your heart and lungs will also be significantly affected. You’ll become fairly exhausted doing this, so take your time between sets.

Pull-Up from Shoulder to Shoulder

Ryan’s upper body muscles are all used throughout this activity. His core, lats, traps, arms, shoulders, and lower back are all involved.

Ryan attempts to perform the exercise slowly and deliberately, maintaining a neutral alignment of his core at all times.

Sharp Kick Lunge

This particular lunge version emphasizes explosiveness.

Ryan begins the exercise in a standard lunge position, lifting his back knee. He explodes up, raises his back leg high, and then lowers it down.

Ryan starts and finishes every rep in the same place. Ryan advises considering doing a scissor movement when jumping in the air; this should make the movement pattern seem less difficult.

Ryan’s final piece of advice was to concentrate on maintaining a straight and controlled back throughout each landing.

Inverted Row with Feet Elevated

Ryan finds this workout quite difficult since he has to keep his feet up the entire time.

You might be able to do 20 reps or more with your feet on the ground, but don’t be surprised if 12 reps are a significant difficulty in this situation.

Ryan keeps his back straight the entire time, which is essential to performing the exercise properly. He also presses the bar as closely as he can with his chest.

Ryan’s core is put under a lot of strain when doing this because he tries to maintain his body flat while rowing.

Push-Up With Medicine Ball with Feet Raised

Ryan raises his feet once more to make the exercise far more difficult than a standard push-up on the floor.

Ryan keeps his hands on a medicine ball while placing one foot on top of the other to increase the difficulty.

Although his body will naturally want to swing on the ball, he will be sure to engage his core to the fullest extent possible to steady it.

Finisher Ab

The Ab Finisher is made up of several movements that are performed continuously for a total of 60 reps. Ryan’s whole core was worked throughout these exercises, including his obliques, lower back, and even his abs.

Ryan offers the following guidance for Ab Finisher: “Keep it strict! This may not look like a lot of work on paper, but take my word for it: Once you’ve got the form down on the explosive exercises, they take enough out of you that this can be plenty!” – Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach


to further increase his speed and flexibility during his rapid workouts. Several times a week, Ryan will stretch for 15 to 30 minutes.

He would typically perform it immediately following a workout simply because it assists break down the lactic acid that accumulated in his muscles.

Top 3 Exercises According to Ryan

  • Burpees – Alongside being an explosive cardio workout. Burpees also work on all of Ryan’s muscles.
  • Push-ups—Ryan likes the versatility of push-ups. He says his creativity is limitless when it comes to this exercise.
  • Sprints— One of Ryan’s favorite types of cardio.

“If you put in the work, put in the time, put in the effort. Results will come!”



Ryan doesn’t put too much pressure on himself when it comes to his food because of his demanding exercises. He will typically consume wholesome, unprocessed meals, but he will allow himself the occasional indulgence in a high-calorie delight.

Ryan might indulge in a chocolate cake, a cheeseburger, or a spicy pizza as a cheat meal.

Supplementation of Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach

Ryan rarely takes any dietary supplements. He thinks that by consuming nutritious, natural meals, he can satisfy all of his nutritional needs.

To increase his focus and energy in the gym, Ryan very infrequently might use a pre-workout using natural components.

“What we want can seem far away or unattainable at times, but the harder you work the smaller that gap gets between you and your goals. Don’t settle and never forget why you started.”

What Can Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach Teach Us?

Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach has shown us that success doesn’t require observing “all the rules.”

rather than using the traditional fitness approach of weightlifting to develop a fantastic figure. Ryan decided to add his spin to it by fusing weightlifting with calisthenics and functional weight training.

This shows us that there are many different ways to be successful. A predetermined path to achieving your goals doesn’t exist.

Try out various options to determine what works best for you. You may create a fantastic life for yourself in this way, just like Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach.


The following is Ryan’s motivational message for anyone who finds it difficult to maintain consistency or motivation;

“Commitment is the quality of sticking to your word long after your initial enthusiasm has faded.

Keep pushing forward and keep in mind why you began. R. Tremaine Klarenbach