Sabrina McGillivray
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Sabrina McGillivray, a Canadian elementary school teacher who now works part-time as a designer and renovator’s assistant for her husband Scott McGillivray, assists him in developing anything from room layouts to custom furniture and cabinetry.

Sabrina McGillivray has a spouse, Mr. McGillivray who is a well-known contractor and real estate investor who serves as the host of the Canadian HGTV reality series Income Property. Scott, the Canadian blonde’s spouse, has assisted numerous homeowners with house renovations for more than 16 years.

He is also well-liked for hosting several other reality series that focus on revitalizing homes, and he is well-known for assisting couples in finding their ideal homes. But as they create a lasting home for themselves and their two kids, Scott and Sabrina have lately been turning the cameras on themselves.

On a different note, Scott McGillivray’s wife has gained notoriety for herself as a result of her sporadic appearances with her husband in his shows or off-screen. Check out Sabrina McGillivray’s biography to learn more about the HGTV host’s marriage to her and anything else you need to know about their children.

Background of Sabrina McGillivray’s Family

Although little is known about Sabrina McGillivray’s family, Scott once said they have a large family. Sabrina McGillivray, whose real name is Anna Sabrina Deacetis, was born around 1978.

“Sabrina and I both come from rather large families, and we value our relationships with them. Everyone lives in a separate town, of course.

stated in a September 2017 interview.

She has also frequently been described as having Portuguese and even Italian ancestry, though neither Sabrina nor her contractor husband has commented on these claims.

However, it is known that Ms. McGillivray was born in Maple, Ontario and that she lost her mother in August 2018.

Carmen, her brother, is a co-owner of a fitness club, a personal trainer, a manager at a sporting goods store, and a certified holistic nutritionist.

Sabrina McGillivray
Sabrina McGillivray (Pinterest)

Education; Sabrina McGillivray Was Previously A Dancer

Sabrina attended St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School and York University in Toronto for her college studies, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Buffalo, New York’s Medaille College.

When Sabrina was younger, she used to dance.

She received her training from renowned dance choreographer Anne Sprincis, whose Dansecore studio later hired her to teach jazz and tap.

She achieved success in the Royal Academy of Dance Exams as a dancer.

She currently works as a third-grade teacher in the York Catholic School District in Ontario.

The designer’s class was one of four to place first in the Healthy Lunch Challenge, a regional competition, in 2006.

They came in first place out of 214 classifications.

Where Did Sabrina And Her Husband Scott McGillivray Meet?

Scott and Sabrina were wed on June 22, 2009.

Scott and the teacher/TV celebrity met while they were on vacation at a beach.

Scott persuaded Sabrina to join him in the volleyball game after seeing his future wife.

But the Maple native refuted.

Later that evening, they ran into one another again, and this time Sabrina agreed to join him for drinks.

Following that, they began to develop a connection.

Around the same time that Scott started his voyage on “Income Property,” they were married.

Although Sabrina and her husband kept their wedding day under wraps, Scott uploaded a video of their first dance to his YouTube account in October 2011.

He performs some slick dancing routines with his wife, who dazzles the audience, in the video.

Consequently, their wedding dance added to the celebration’s specialness.

Scott later admitted that although he was not a skilled dancer, he had surprised Sabrina with dance lessons on Valentine’s Day a few months before to his wedding.

Having Two Daughters, Sabrina McGillivray Is a Mother

The Canadian couple welcomed children Myah and Layla after their marriage.

Myah McGillivray, their first child, was born on January 25, 2012.

The former child dancer and her husband welcomed their daughter No. 2 Layla McGillivray in late 2013 and soon after became parents for the second time.

When Sabrina and the on-screen house rejuvenator initially got married, they lived in Brampton, Ontario, even though Scott was born and raised in Toronto.

They now, however, split their time between their homes in Fort Myers, Florida, and Toronto.

They reside in a house Scott and his wife purchased back in 2006 in Toronto’s Northwest neighborhood.

Sabrina McGillivray
Sabrina McGillivray (Pinterest)

How Does She Act?

In her husband’s series Income Property, which helped define his career, Sabrina frequently appeared.

She used to invest in a house that was still being built with her husband.

Following the conclusion of Income Property, Sabrina joined the children’s father as one of the major cast members in his new series Moving The McGillivrays.

The first was a 10-part documentary series that followed the McGillivray family as they attempted to construct their ideal home.

The program debuted in 2016.

While acting as a key designer and assisting her husband with practically all of the series’ engineering, Ms. McGillivrays.

Not Wanting to be Involved In Moving The McGillivrays, Sabrina McGillivray

Surprisingly, Scott’s wife was reluctant to consider participating in a family reality show at first.

Sabrina didn’t want to be in Scott’s new show because she didn’t want to be on camera and she didn’t want to invite strangers into her house, which is why she wasn’t excited about the idea.

Later, Scott persuaded his wife by explaining how her contribution would be crucial to the series, and eventually, she gave in.

Moving the McGillivrays, like Income Property, went on to enjoy favorable reviews from both critics and viewers.

The YouTube series Good to Grow that Sabrina, her husband Scott, and their children have created is noteworthy.

The emphasis is on the family’s enthusiasm for and love of gardening and homesteading.

Scott McGillivray’s Personal Information

Scott, Sabrina’s husband, has also made appearances as a judge on several television programs, including All American Handyman and Canada’s Handyman Challenge.

He debuted a program called Scott’s Vacation House Rules in 2020. The new program is similar to Income Property in that Scott gives homeowners advice on how to profit from home renovations.

Another program where Sabrina’s baby father helps homeowners improve and sell their homes is Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray.

Sabrina McGillivray Husband Net Worth

Although the iconic show Income Property is no longer airing, Scott’s popularity and fortune are not in decline or even at a standstill.

In actuality, that was only the start of his ascent to international fame and a small step toward millionaire status terms wealth. According to recent rumors, Sabrina’s carpenter/actor/investor/presenter husband is worth between $4 and $5 million.

In addition, he makes a sizable sum of money from his more than 100 rental properties, many of which have several units, 15 of which are in Guelph. Millions more are additionally coming in via his numerous TV programs and his protracted practice of purchasing residences.