Shane Berland
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Who is Shane Berland?

Bodybuilder and personal trainer Shane Berland is from New Zealand. Due to his remarkable body, he is regarded as a fitness icon and has admirers all over the world.

But Shane’s path to success wasn’t without challenges; at the age of 13, Shane Berland was diagnosed with joint arthritis, which made him inactive for the first few years of adolescence.

Body Measurements of Shane Berland

Full Name: Shane Berland
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder and personal trainer
NATIONALITY: Kiwi (New Zealander)
AGE: 6′ (183cm)

Shane Berland


Competition Highlights



Shane Berland, who was raised in the island nation of New Zealand, was exposed to sports at a young age. He started learning martial arts at age 6 and by age 13 had attained a high rating.

He had a tremendous will to succeed and to be the greatest result, both mentally and physically.

However, Shane started to have joint pain in his early teen years. The young man was forced to put his passion on hold after being rendered paralyzed for two years.


At the age of 15, Shane returned to martial arts after a two-year absence. He was now smaller and weaker, finding it difficult to keep up with the rigors of the sport.

Shane’s trainer advised him to start weight training in the gym so he could build strength and muscle. Shane attended the gym and started his fitness adventure since the kid was motivated to return stronger.


Shane’s diligent work ethic allowed him to make significant improvements in the gym over the following few years. He managed to shape a shredded physique by packing on muscle.

Proud of his progress, Shane didn’t take long to fall in love with bodybuilding. He developed a deep interest in the activity and admired superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Individual Training

Shane started to center his life around his brand-new hobby of bodybuilding. He gave up martial arts and turned to a profession in fitness.

As a result, he earned personal trainer certifications. Inspired by his physical transformation, he wanted to assist others in achieving their ideal bodies.

Shane’s understanding of diet plans and nutrition developed as he mentored others. He improved even more in the gym, losing body fat while gaining lean muscle mass.

Inaugural Competition

Shane developed an excellent physique by 2013. His family and friends started urging him to participate in bodybuilding competitions at this point.

His first competition, the 2013 NABBA New Zealand South Island Championship, was entered by him not long after. Despite his inexperience, he worked hard and was determined to succeed.

Shane finished the performance with the prize, giving his career as a competitor the best possible start.

More Achievement

Shane Berland participated in 4 more competitions over the following year, winning 3 more trophies and finishing third in the other.

He became aware of his potential for success in the sector because of his early accomplishments.

To reach more people and assist them in achieving their fitness objectives, Shane upped his game in the gym and began offering his training services online.


Shane is adamant that shape is more significant than weight. When lifting weights in the gym, he concentrates heavily on the “mind-muscle connection” to get the most out of each rep.

He works out five days a week, alternating between upper and lower body exercises. He believes his body responds best to exercise between 6 and 12 repetitions in sets of three to four.

Shane changes his aerobic routines based on his fitness objectives; he keeps it low-key during the off-season but amps it up during contest preparations.

Shane Berland


Shane maintains a tight diet to monitor his macronutrient intake. He calculates his daily requirements based on his condition and makes sure to meet his protein, carb, and fat targets.

His macro split is:

  • Carbs – 385
  • Fat – 75
  • Protein – 200

Shane consumes up to 3,500 calories per day when bulking, but only 2,200 calories per day when cutting. The New Zealander avoids carbohydrate sources after 6 o’clock because he thinks his body reacts poorly to them at night.

Influences and Idols

Shane attributes a significant portion of his success in the fitness business to his family and friends, who supported him along the way and encouraged him to compete as a bodybuilder.

Shane has a lot of admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger as an icon in the entertainment world. He also cites Alberto Nunez as an inspiration for developing a lean body.

What Shane Berland Can Teach Us?

One lesson we can take away from Shane Berland is the importance of working hard and recovering stronger from traumatic experiences.

Shane was forced to give up martial arts because of joint arthritis. But following his recovery, he returned to the gym and continued training, succeeding in a new endeavor (bodybuilding).

You should always give back and assist those in need when you can.

Shane decided to become a personal trainer because his gym progress had inspired him and he wanted to help others achieve their fitness objectives.