Nutritional quotes

Nutritional talks and discussions are a great source to learn about foods and their role in health and disease. But so are nutritional quotes. These give you a deep info in the minimum of words. Here are six of the wisest diet quotes for you.

Six nutritional quotes

Think abundance, not restriction

This is a valuable quote when it comes to weight loss diets. There is a general belief that weight loss diets and calories and food restrictions go hand in hand. But no more. Newer concept is that all foods have their plus and minus points. We should not delete foods from our menu but instead add them in and reap their benefits.

Nutritional quotes
Food first (Source: Pinterest)

Cutting out foods will do more harm than good. Do not label foods as unhealthy. Tuck into your favorite foods even if they are unhealthy but do so occasionally. You are entitled to your cheat days. Dr Megan Rossi from King’s College London strongly believes that one should incorporate each and every food in your diet. But have the ones that have high sugar, high saturated fats, or high salt only once in a while.

Carbohydrate aversion is not healthy

Dietitian Maeve Hannan from the UK believes that considering carbs unhealthy and avoiding them is dangerous. They are an essential part of our daily diet. Hence, one should have them daily.

But the important point is to avoid refined carbs. But one can have complex carbs such as those from whole grains. They are good for the body.

Its not only what you eat that matters

Professor Tim Spector, the genetic epidemiologist at King’s College London and founder of Zoe feels that besides what you eat, how you eat is equally important. Eating on a sofa in front of an ON TV is bad for digestion and health. One should be having meals on a dinner table with family and in a relaxed environment. There should be no distractions around.

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Mindful eating (Source: Nathan Mogren)

Weekdays are not for punishing yourself

Dietitian Rhiannon Lambert says on her Instagram:

You do NOT need to embark upon a restrictive diet, over -exercise and punish yourself after a weekend of enjoyment!”

It is natural to be orderly for first half of the week and to be less strict in the second half. One should not overthink or overcompensate. After an enjoyable weekend, just go back to normal routine. But drink lots of water.

Don’t attach moral value to food

The gut health specialist and WH nutrition columnist Laura Tilt is of the opinion that one should not attribute moral values to foods. If you do so, you tend to go through the feelings of shame and guilt. Fear crops up in the mind about eating. And your healthy relationship with food gets hampered.

Additionally, she emphasizes that detox of body is not needed since body has its own way to deal with it.

Nutritional quotes
Food is sans moral value. Enjoy it. (Source: LinkedIn)

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Seek nutrients from food first

The gut health expert, Megan Rossi asserts that supplements can never replace real foods. The supplement market is booming. But they cannot be a substitute for real foods. They provide micronutrients but there is no dietary fiber or flavor or fun in it. However, she recommends them after medical consultation. And these include vitamin D supplements in winter months and omega 3 fatty acids if you do not take fatty fish.