Skipping dinners

Many people who desire to lose weight start skipping meals. This is not healthy. Three meals in a day are major and a must.

The notion that skipping meals helps weight loss is wrong. Know what will happen if one starts skipping dinners.

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Skipping meals is not healthy

There are many people who for various reasons want to lose weight. These reasons may be for health or just cosmetic reasons.

They want to look elegant and slim. Often this is required in the world of modeling. Most models want to attain and maintain size zero. This is a wrong trend.

Skipping dinners
Skipping dinners is not healthy (Source: Yahoo news Malaysia)

But many people who want to slim down do so by skipping meals. This is an unhealthy way to lose weight. In fact, by doing so, the cravings for eating continue unabated.

This results in the person eating more later on. Therefore, instead of losing weight, the person gains weight. Also, skipping meals tends to cause certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies when their requirements in a day remain unmet. Similar to skipping breakfast and lunch, skipping dinners is bad for the body.

Skipping dinners and the harm

Dinner is an essential part of the daily diet. It provides nutrients and calories to the body and keeps a person satisfied throughout the night. Skipping it is not good.

Occasional omitting dinner is okay but frequent skipping is harmful. Therefore, have something light at night but do not omit dinner completely.

Skipping dinners
Skipping dinners is bad (Source: Pinterest)

A study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism advocates heavy breakfast and light dinner to stay fit and slim. This also helps optimal blood sugar control.

Problems if you skip dinner

For weight loss, calorie control is important. But do not try to achieve it by skipping dinner. Doing so can leave the person fatigued, exhausted, and with low energy.

Additionally, skipping dinners can affect the body’s inbuilt response to hunger.

When a person is hungry, ghrelin hormone is secreted and when one is full post meal, the leptin hormone informs us about it. But ignoring these hunger clues upsets the whole system.

Skipping dinners
Effects of skipping meals (Source: Facebook)

And omitting dinner lowers blood sugar and makes the person crave strongly for carbs and sugars. The person cannot beat this craving and ends up ultimately having these weight-gaining foods.

They provide quick energy no doubt but at the cost of weight gain. This defeats our purpose of skipping dinners and does not help in weight loss.

It could lead to digestive upset, acidity, and nausea. There might be loose motions or constipation too. Eating disorders are likely to occur in such people.

With an empty stomach, one cannot sleep. Sleep deprivation affects the next day’s work and the cycle continues. The person might experience anxiety.

This is because the person might eat in the middle of the night. This would be junk foods that raise cortisol in the blood and cause stress.

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Hence do not skip dinners for losing excess fat. Meet a dietitian and get a proper diet plan made for it. Adhere to it for successful results.