Sonam Arora
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Hello to everybody! Today, we’ll talk about Sonam Arora’s diet plan and exercise schedule. Sonam Arora is a fresh actress in Bollywood. As a newcomer to the Bollywood industry, Sonam won’t be familiar to many of you. So allow me to give you a quick introduction to her.

Indian actress Sonam Arora Diet Plan is well known for playing Satymev Jayate (2018). She is a model and newcomer to Bollywood.

Sonam made her debut in the industry in 2014 with the release of Bollywood villa. Later, she appeared in movies like Batla House (2019).

Sonam Arora’s Diet And Exercise ProgramSonam Arora

She has also appeared in several television series. In Gandi Baat (2019), Aadhe Adhure (2015), Good Night Sleep Tight (2018), and Miyan Biwi Aur Banana, her diligence and commitment are evident. Sonam Arora’s Diet Plan training regimen, food plan, fitness routine, and health advice are all thoroughly discussed in this article.

Sonam Arora’s Body Stats

Age     27

Height     5 foot 4 inches

Waist     26

Hips    35

Bust    36

Eyes    Dark Brown

Hair    Black

Sonam Arora’s Dietary Guide

Let’s learn more about Sonam Arora’s nutrition regimen. Here, we’ve provided some key information regarding Sonam Arora’s menu.

  • Sonam adheres to a strict diet while filming a variety of projects.
  • The Sonam fitness diet must include soups and salads.
  • Her trainer has urged her to reduce the number of sweets she consumes.
  • Sonam already steers clear of sugary and fried/oily foods.
  • Her lunch did not include any rice.
  • Even though many people find a frozen dessert to be beautiful, Sonam isn’t a fan.
  • She may not be an alcoholic or a smoker, which is great for her health.
  • Sonam enjoys simple roti and sabzi for her daily meals because she likes Indian staple food.
  • Additionally, she enjoys lemons. Lemon detoxifies the body from the inside out and removes toxins, leaving your skin glowing and luminous.

Sonam Arora’s complete timetable and meal plan:

Sonam follows her trainer’s advice and keeps a very rigorous diet. Even so, she fills her stomach to the appropriate level. This is the diet timetable she has set.

Breakfast included a bread-omelet and walnuts.

Sonam eats five to six chapatis every day for lunch, which are then followed by veggies and lentils.

She has fruits for her evening snack before supper. She eats noodles and vada pav in addition because she doesn’t adhere to a rigid diet.

Dinner: A half-dozen chappatis, a decaliter, some veggies, and some pickles for flavor.

Sonam Arora’s Exercise Program

Sonam thinks aerobic exercise is more beneficial for keeping her body in shape. However, Sonam primarily incorporates dancing into her fitness regimen because she views it as the best form of exercise. She also finds time to visit the gym every day.

The secret to Sonam’s fitness is maintaining a toned physique. Despite having a good metabolism, she still prefers to work out. She exercises in the gym under a qualified trainer.

Ankita asserts that a body becomes disproportionate when any percentage of its mass is lost. Above all, aerobic exercise keeps her body in balance, and he or she is quite interested in it.

I hope you enjoy our article about Sonam’s diet and exercise regimen. Message your friends about this post.