South East Asia

South East Asia is home to a range of unique tropical fruits that many have not seen. Some of these are now getting exported to other countries of the world.

One might find them on the shelves of supermarkets but the selling prices are quite high. These fruits are not only delicious but also nutritious.

South East Asia and the unique tropical fruits

There are innumerable varieties of fruits in the world. Some are native to a particular region but international trade has facilitated the export of these exotic fruits to other countries.

People elsewhere can now enjoy the taste of these fruits sitting at home. But they are high-priced. Nonetheless, it is worth the money because the fruits are tasty and nutrient-packed with health benefits.

In South East Asia, there are some great fruit varieties that are grown and available.

1. Durian: the king of fruits in South East Asia

This is called the King of Fruits. It is native to South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. It has a stench. Hence airplanes, hotels, and public places have been banned their entry in many countries.

Kept in the fridge, it imparts a strong odor to it and it is difficult to remove that smell. It might linger on in the fridge for many days despite proper cleaning.

South East Asia
Durian (Source: Alibaba)

The fruit has a horny green exterior. And inside, are cells with pale yellow firm pulp each. Each pulp mass has 2 to 3 seeds inside. One can use it to make delicacies including smoothies and ice creams.

2. Rose apple

This is native to this part of the world. Despite the name, they have no relation with the apple family. They are red in color and firmish.

Inside the pulp is moisture filled and sweet with a crunchiness. Rose apples are good for diabetes control. They also protect against it.

3. Mangosteen

It is called the queen of fruits. The fruit has a lovely purple exterior. Inside there is a white pulp with a sweet and sour taste. It is delicious, nutritious, and affordable.

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4. Rambutan

It has a red exterior with hairy spikes. But inside is fleshy white to translucent. It is sweet to taste and has a large pit in the center.

5. Longan

This is a simple-looking fruit with white skin. It might appear unattractive and boring but the inside of the fruit is sweet. The white flesh is full of nutrients that are good for the body. They serve as a light snack and are cheap relatively. The skin peeling is also easy, unlike the rambutan.

South East Asia
Longan (Source: Jiomart)

6. Langsat

This is the sweetest and most delicious fruit of SE Asia. The outer skin is dull yellow. But the inside flesh is white and translucent. The taste is similar to that of a grapefruit.

7. Lychee

The origin of this fruit is China. It is now grown in other Asian countries as well. The outside is horny and green to red.

On peeling the skin, the inside pulp is white and translucent. It is watery and sweet and refreshes the body. Drinks are available that contain floating chunks of this sweet rubbery fruit.

8. Pomelo

South East Asia
Salad with pomelo (Source: Eat this not that)

This is a complex fruit bearing some similarities with grapefruit. One can make juice from it. This fruit is also grown in Asia. It a delicious recipe for it is from Thailand. It is the popular pomelo salad.

This pomelo is mixed with peanuts, chili’s, and lime for that awesome taste. Pomelo is also used in the making of some desserts.