Taylor Spadaccino
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Who Is Taylor Spadaccino?

American fitness model, bikini and figure contestant, and former Marine Taylor Spadaccino. She has inspired a large internet fan base with her incredible physique and work ethic.

Taylor, who was always thin as a kid, started working out while she was serving in Afghanistan. There isn’t much to do outside of work, she remarked. I reasoned that I should start going to the gym.

I was a little weak and had no idea what I was doing. Even a pull-up was beyond me.

Two of Taylor’s buddies who had previously lifted weights and served in the U.S. Marine Corps taught her the basics. She immediately noticed changes in her body and adored how she felt.

Taylor started pursuing fitness full-time as soon as she got back from her deployment. Since then, she hasn’t turned back.

Taylor has gone on to become a fitness icon and competitive athlete, taking first place in events like the 2016 NPC Junior Nationals and the 2015 NPC Greater NY. Taylor earned her Pro Card and membership in the premier IFBB league with the latter victory.

Every day that goes by, I become a little bit more “myself,” and I worry a little bit less about what the rest of the world thinks Taylor should be. It’s a truly amazing feeling.

Body Measurements Of Taylor Spadaccino

Full Name: Taylor Spadaccino
HEIGHT: 5’8″ (172.5cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: USMC Veteran, Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Marine veteran from the US
  • Figure & Bikini Competitor
  • Exercise Model
  • brand ambassador for sports

Sports competitions


  • 5th position in the NPC Team Universe’s Bikini Class E.
  • Bikini Class E at the NPC National Championships, seventh place


  • Bikini Class E at the NPC Universe Championships, 16th place


  • Figure Novice & Figure Class B, 2015 NPC Greater NY, first place


  • Figure Class F at the NPC Junior Nationals, first place


  • Figure Class, IFBB Europa Orlando, 12th place

Afghanistan Training, (Fitness)Taylor Spadaccino

Taylor Spaddacino is an IFBB Pro Figure & Bikini Competitor and fitness model who is American-born.

Taylor has always shown love and admiration for her nation. She eventually enlisted in the US Marine Corps as a result of this.

Before she served in Afghanistan and realized that weightlifting made her feel strong and alive, she wasn’t interested in fitness.

She would work hard every day while serving in a difficult and war-torn nation. Taylor recalls when she first began exercising, she couldn’t even complete one pull-up.

However, she immediately gained strength and muscle tone and was able to improve this. Taylor soon realized she couldn’t survive without exercise.

Figure And Bikini Contests, (Workout)Taylor Spadaccino

Following her service, Taylor shifted her attention to exercising and eating to further enhance her physique. After several months of dedication, her diligent work began to bear fruit.

Taylor ultimately decided to put her new physique to the test on the fitness stage. She participated in her first bodybuilding competition in December 2012, and she hasn’t looked back since.

She has won several competitions throughout the years, including the 2016 NPC Junior Nationals, which allowed her to join the IFBB Pro circuit.

Taylor’s fitness regimen was influenced by the dedication and diligence she developed during her time in the USMC. Since then, it has aided her in maintaining her progress toward winning modeling and figure competitions.

“I’ve forged such a remarkable group of friends, developed emotionally and spiritually, and I’m advancing daily toward my objectives.

I think what I’m trying to convey is that it’s alright to get back up, pick yourself up, and go on when life throws you a curveball, whether you dodge it or get struck right in the face with it.

Training, (Workout)

Taylor Spadaccino frequently varies her workouts. Despite this, she consistently increases the amount and intensity of her workouts. To fully exhaust her muscles and promote optimal growth, Taylor enjoys performing numerous sets and reps of each activity.

Taylor emphasizes the value of relaxation and recovery despite her intense training.

She maintains her strength, fitness, and health for competitions by allowing her muscles ample time to recover. In Taylor’s opinion, rehabilitation is equally as crucial as actual training.

Keeping Slim For Competitions, (Exercise)

Taylor engages in a lot of cardio to maintain her leanness for contests. Before a presentation, she will specifically do two 45-minute cardio workouts five days a week.

Taylor discusses her exercise regimen for competitions here;

Every morning, I work out for roughly an hour, and five days a week, I add a 45-minute cardio workout. In actuality, I’m doing a lot more cardio than my coach would like.

But because I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, it has been challenging to include my exercise. He has therefore had to significantly increase his cardio as a result.

Usually, it’s either the inclination on the treadmill or the stairs. I don’t think the quantity of cardio will increase beyond that. (Taylor Spadaccino)

How To Diet For Competitions, According To Taylor Spadaccino

Taylor maintains a very low-carb diet while training for a competition. She will only consume roughly 10g of carbohydrates per day throughout this phase.

When she works her legs, though, this rule is irrelevant. Taylor will perform a carb “refill” on leg days to provide her muscles with the energy they require for their tough lower body activities.

Gluten-free oats, which she claims are simpler to prepare than rice, are her preferred type of carbohydrate.

Taylor eats a lot of proteins, such as fish, salmon, egg whites, and lean meats, in addition to carbohydrates. Taylor must have vegetables like cucumbers, green beans, and salads. Since she can’t live without them, hot sauces are likewise “ample amounts” of her diet.

Influences And Idols, (Exercise)

Taylor Spadaccino considers her time in the U.S. Marine Corps to be one of her most fruitful experiences. She has profited from it in numerous ways, from mental fortification to a new level of work ethic. This was a trait she carried over into her later fitness adventure.

Taylor is incredibly appreciative of everyone who has helped her along the way, including the friends she made while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

She keeps spreading her inspirational articles and quotations online as a way to express her gratitude to everyone, hoping to make a difference in the world.

Taylor had the following message for her Marine Corps friends:

To The Marine Corps:

I’m grateful. Thanks for teaching me discipline. for teaching me how to appreciate both myself and other people. for educating me on what exactly constitutes hard f*cking work.

For the memories and encounters, you allowed me to have. for making some of my current best friends, whom you introduced to me.

for the sense of pride, I’ll always have in having served in such a kickass branch. I apologize for using the word “fuck” excessively. And for just generally improving my life.

What Taylor Spadaccino Can Teach Us?

Taylor Spadaccino has succeeded in many facets of her life, from serving in the U.S. Marine Corps to becoming a fitness model and IFBB Figure Pro.

She nevertheless insists on more. She never ceases to motivate her devoted followers to strive for excellence.

Taylor has at least demonstrated to us that if you put your “all” into anything, you can succeed wildly. Taylor Spadaccino would advise you to keep moving forward and not allow anything to stand in the way of achieving your goals.