Healthiest beer

Alcoholic drinks can affect the minds negatively. It can make humans animals. It can ruin a person’s life and that of his family members.

It can cause accidents and health issues. Drinking responsibly should be the motto of every hard drinker in the world. Which is the healthiest beer in Australian shops?

Which is a beer with the lowest alcohol content and also is low in calories and carbs? Dietitian Melissa Meier shows the way.

Alcohol and its ill-effects

Alcohol is common at parties and social events. Drinking responsibly is okay. But often people overdo it. This is harmful to the mind and body. There is a hangover the next morning. But there is more to it than just this.

Alcohol is a caloric-dense drink. Drinking it adds to the calories of your body. This leads to weight gain when consumed in heavy amounts.

Drinking once in a while with proper exercises will not add to the weight. But excessive drinking with no exercise is bad for the waistline.

Healthiest beer
Full-strength beer (Source: Drizly)

Excessive and prolonged drinking can affect the heart. It can cause heart disease. Alcohol also affects mentation and can lead to mental health issues.

This impact can be directly as well as indirectly. This drink can cause digestive tract problems such as peptic ulcers.

Alcohol consumption in excess can also increase the risk of diabetes, bowel cancer, and also breast cancer. To be frank, no level of drinking is safe.

One can minimize the risk by abstaining from drinking or keeping it below 10 standard drinks in a week.

Beers: are they healthy?

No beers are healthy. They come in several types such as full strength or light or low carb or low sugar. One beer comes with no alcohol in it. Out of all these, which one tops the list in health?

The best beer to consume would be the one with no or low alcohol. This will reduce the calorie intake and also prevent the adverse effects of alcohol on the body and mind.

Low-carb beers have less carbs but the alcohol content is the same as the regular beer. But they are a bit better than the full strength beer.

Healthiest beer
No alcohol beer (Source: Bigbasket)

If you prefer the full strength beer, try to cut down on the amount consumed. Choose a middy (285mL) in place of a schooner (425mL) or a pint (570mL).

You can also avoid the bad effects of this beer by alternating it with water or low sugar non-alcoholic drink.

Calories and carbs in numbers: which is the healthiest beer?

If we look at the numbers, this is how they are in the various types of beer of 285 ml.

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In full strength beer, the alcohol content is 4.6 per cent v/v. It gives 98cals, 5.7g carbs, and has 10.3g of alcohol in it. While the mid strength beer has an alcohol content of 3.5 per cent v/v.

And this gives 82cals with 6.6g carbs and has 7.7g of alcohol in it. On the other hand, the reduced alcohol/light beer is only 2.5 per cent alcohol v/v. 285 ml of it provides 70cals, 6.6g carbs, and has 6g of alcohol in it.

Healthiest beer
Low carbs beer (Source: Delish)

While the non-alcoholic beer has lesser than 0.5 per cent alcohol v/v in it. Its energy is 51cals, and it contains 10.8g carbs and 0.9g alcohol.

The low carb beer is 4 per cent alcohol v/v. Therefore it has 82cals in it per 285 ml. The carbs are 2.6g carbs and alcohol is 9.7g.