Human being diet

A new diet plan from celebrity nutrition expert, Petronella Ravenshear! Called human being diet, it involves having only 600 Cals per day for a fortnight.

Petronella claims that it is an efficient way to lose weight. Would you try it?

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Human being diet of Petronella Ravenshear

Petronella Ravenshear is a nutrition expert who caters to the rich elite class of society. She is from London and now settled in Florida.

She claims that fashion designer Donna Ida and socialite Jemma Kidd are fans of this human being diet and have tried it with good results.

The nutritionist adds that this diet makes them lose and maintain weight and also feel energetic and sleep better. It is a restrictive diet in terms of calories consumed per day.

Human being diet
Petronella Ravenshear (Source: Pinterest)

Petronella has 24k followers on her Instagram. Her diet has 10000 hashtags (#thehumanbeingdiet). On her social media, she posts about this diet for her loyal fans to follow.

She states that the focus of the unique and new diet is on metabolic balance and improved digestive health. The dieter has to consume only 600 calories per day and eat vegetables for 48 hours.

The diet details

Petronella has released a book on this diet. She has said that it is not a book but a programme of 3 months. It is a new way of living and eating.

She calls it a painless path to lose weight, be energetic, get a skin glow and a refreshing sleep. Petronella adds that this diet also helps better sex.

Human being diet
Human being diet (Source: Pinterest)

In this diet, the dieter will take no meat, alcohol or fat for two days. Instead, they will consume just 100 g of vegetables in the form of a soup.

After two days, the dieter can have meat. But it is still a No to alcohol and fats. For two weeks, the dieter can only have 600 calories worth of food per day. On her website, Petronella has described:

“The first 16 days are hardcore, being oil, alcohol, sugar and grain-free, and should be viewed as sacrosanct.”

“They set the scene for the success of the programme and the metabolic reset it delivers.”

Side effect of the diet

The side effect of this diet, she says, is losing weight:

“One of the exciting side effects of following the HBD programme is weight loss. What else can you expect? Better energy, more resilience and a brighter outlook on life. along with stable blood sugar levels, rebalanced hormones and a resolution of many painful conditions.”

Human being diet
Human being diet (Source: FitFAG)

After this comes phase 3 that is 10 weeks in duration. In this, the addition of one tablespoon of olive oil in each meal of the day is allowed. Every week there is one treat meal. This will include a Chinese takeaway or fish and chips with a drink.

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In the final phase, this continues as above and dieters can have more cheat meals. But they adapt to this new style. It becomes a life pattern for them and they start enjoying it with success.