The West Twins
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Who are The West Twins?

Jennifer and Lucy West are a married couple who are from Newcastle-under-Lyme in Northern England.

They have sponsored athletes, personal trainers, and internet stars. Due to their realistic depiction of the fitness lifestyle and their motivating posts directed at women and stay-at-home mothers, “The West Twins” amassed a sizable fan base in the 2010s.

Short Career of The West Twins

Although The West Twins currently have amazing bodies, this wasn’t always the case. In actuality, they had struggled with their bodies for most of their lives, attempting a variety of diets to reduce weight and gain muscle.

Their lives were dramatically altered when they understood that the gym was the only place to get the glutes and arms they desired.

Fast forward to now and the West Twins are popular social media icons. They have established their brand by obtaining sponsorship agreements from famous dietary supplement businesses.

Together, they continue to work out, always striving to get fitter and winning over more fans in the process.

“My signature move is the one-leg piston squat,” said the performer. With my bags, high shoes, and a form-fitting dress, I can pull it off.

Body Measurements of The West Twins

Full Name: Jennifer West and Lucy West
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilders, Sponsored Athletes, and Fitness Models
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
HEIGHT: 5’8″ (172.5cm)

“We get plenty of attention when we are out”.

The West Twins


  • Social Media Celebrities
  • Sponsored Athletes

“Keep reminding yourself of your goal… respect the body that you have.”

Biography of The West Twins

Beginnings of bodybuilding

Early in 2010, the West Twins began performing the proper exercise. Even with their best efforts, eating healthfully on its own didn’t help them achieve their ideal curvaceous, toned physiques.

They were both dissatisfied with their physical appearance and had tried many diets. They realized they had to give something else a shot.

The first of the two to become interested in weightlifting was Lucy. She worked out diligently for a year, preparing for an amateur competition in 2014, knowing that the only way to build great glutes and legs would be to get in the gym.

She claims that the idea of performing in a bikini made her work hard since she didn’t want to perform poorly or cause embarrassment.

Lucy claims that when her sister finished third in the competition, she was instantly motivated to pursue a bodybuilding career.

At this point, Jennifer was already employed as a personal trainer, so she started working out with her sister whenever she could.

Following this, they both realized they could encourage others to do the same by creating original twin training videos while on vacation in Crete.

“When we were growing up girls, on the whole, were not muscular or sporty; it was as if they thought they had to look a specific way.”

Social Media

The twins might not be where they are now without social media. They recruited a manager to teach them how to use Instagram as a business after deciding they wanted to work in the fitness industry.

Through Instagram, they progressively grew their fan base, so they started uploading additional videos to YouTube to reach out to new people who might become followers.

They started thinking about who they were going to target with their films and postings at this point.

The twins decided to concentrate their efforts on assisting those who are unhappy with their physical appearance, particularly women and stay-at-home mothers.

Instead of utilizing airbrushed photos and misleading depictions of abs that are always apparent, they want to focus on realistic shots of their bodies and lifestyles to highlight the positive aspects of bodybuilding.

Sponsored Sportspeople

The twins acquired sponsorship from a significant UK supplement company as they grew in popularity. They received a lot of their products from this corporation, which assisted them in their success.

They were also compensated for photo sessions and their participation in marketing campaigns.

Because we are identical twins, contrary to popular belief, we have always been athletic and talented athletes.

Training of The West Twins


The West Twins put in a lot of effort, working out with weights and doing cardio for 12 hours a week. They target a different body component each session, generally adhering to the following split:

  • Monday: Shoulders
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Backs
  • Thursday: Arms
  • Friday: Shoulders
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

The twins concentrate on complex and isolating exercises after a general warm-up. Additionally, they perform drop sets, gradually reducing their reps from 20 of roughly half the target weight to 4 of their highest weight.

With this strategy, they can hammer the targeted muscle incredibly forcefully and without a break.

“They would still ache and you would suffer if you didn’t have the few days’ recoveries between and worked on all your body parts at every session.”

Jenny can now lift 160 kg with her legs while performing squat lifts and 60 kg with her arms while performing a barbell curl because of the twins’ extreme self-abuse.


The sisters think that cardio is essential for preventing the accumulation of too much body fat. During their 20-minute high-intensity interval training sessions, they frequently perform brief sprints to increase heart rate and strengthen their leg muscles.

We support one another; I am just as delighted for Lucy to succeed as I am for my success, and I know she feels the same.

The West Twins

Nutrition of The West Twins

A Healthful Diet

The West follows an extremely healthy diet that emphasizes organic and locally produced produce. A typical day may start with a protein drink and 40g of oats for breakfast, then seven meals of a white fish fillet and six to eight sticks of asparagus.

The girls’ macronutrient requirements for protein and healthful fat are met by ingesting these enormous amounts of fish.

They also regularly share meal suggestions with their followers, including protein pancakes. They strive to make their desserts protein-rich because they think that food can be both incredibly nutritious and incredibly delicious.

“I am extremely competitive. I want to win and if I don’t I am immediately looking at how I can improve.”

What are the lessons The West Twins teach us?

The West Twins are a fantastic case study in cooperation. They have demonstrated to us the value of finding a partner in breaking through personal barriers and realizing one’s aspirations.

You could reach your health goals by traveling along with a sibling, much as the West did.