Food fusion

Food Fusion is a fusion of two different cuisines. It is gaining momentum and popularity. Eaters are always on the lookout to try something new in food.

Their taste buds are yearning for something new and non-traditional. Here is where food fusion comes in to satisfy people and their taste buds.

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Food Fusion

Food fusion is an innovation in culinary dishes, practices, and techniques that comes out with a unique dish.

It needs a bit of research and experimentation before the chefs can present it to their customers or it becomes tasty enough to eat. This marriage of two cuisines is increasingly being used by chefs worldwide. And the results are remarkably good.

Food fusion
Crispy chicken in fried rice (Source: Food fusion)

The dishes that erupt from the fusion of two cuisines were not present in such an obvious form in the days of our parents. Or maybe they were present but not advertised enough due to a lack of social media and the internet.

Yes, the history of fusion cuisines dates back to the time when international trade started.

This fusion of ingredients and methods of cooking of different regions breaks the rigid lifestyle and eliminates the boredom of routine everyday life. It is accepted in this world that is ever hungry for some newness.

This has also added color and adventure to the mainstream culinary culture. Even people cooking at home can try these and also innovate.

Three types of this fusion of cuisines

David Farbacher, a fusion food examiner from Pittsburgh, the USA reveals that the fusion of cuisines is done in three ways.

The first method is to take a special dish from one region and cook it in the style of another region. For instance, one can pick up a Chinese dish such as noodles but cook it in Japanese or Korean way.

The second type of fusion happens when styles of cooking different dishes are incorporated to create a new version of the dish.

For example, West Sumantran dishes are spicy and hot. This is added to the Japanese cooking style and a new unique food dish results.

Food fusion
Fusion cuisines are of three types (Source: Casa Sensei)

The third type is to blend both the cuisine and culture into one cooking pot. This is common in America. Examples of this style are California pizzas with Italian crusts, and Mexican dishes cooked in Texas.

This is called Tex-Mex and is very common in the Texas region amongst expatriates as well as locals. In this, chefs use cheese, Mexican tortillas or fajitas, meat, beans, and Texas-style chili.

Advantages of fusion of foods

The new food that comes out of this fusion is unique. Hence people of adventurous nature like and relish it. It makes food eating interesting and more enjoyable.

Gen Z likes it the most. They first click it and upload it on their social media before tasting it. The name itself makes them happy. And they can show off in front of their peers.

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Food fusion
Fusion fire chicken (Source: Food fusion)

Additionally, these foods allow chefs to be creative and make a dish that is nonconventional and different from that of their competitors. If good, they can call it their own and gain more clients. It gives them identity and fame.

But some are against this practice. They call it culture approbation and feel that culture preservation goes haywire due to it. They like traditional tastes and are not excited by such fusions.

But the fusion of foods is rooted in history and it excited the bold new generation. It will become fashionable in the coming years and more acceptable.