Theresa Lynn Wood
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Shawn Michaels, one of the most elegant wrestlers in the WWE, introduced Theresa Lynn Wood (also known as Theresa Woods), to the world. Michaels won four world championships throughout his illustrious wrestling career, including three WWF Championships and one WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Despite his notoriety, Theresa, his first wife, prefers to lead a rather private existence. We shall thus attempt to uncover some unrevealed details about her life in this post, including Theresa Lynn Wood has current whereabouts. After divorcing Shawn, has Wood found love again?

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Theresa Lynn Wood is Four Years Younger Than her Husband: Information About her Upbringing

Wood was born in 1965, four years after the birth of her ex-husband Shawn. She is Joan’s daughter (mother). Theresa spent her formative years in San Antonio, where she also finished high school.

Her previous partner Michaels, on the other hand, was born in Chandler, Arizona, but raised in San Antonio, Texas. At Randolph High School, he played football before enrolling at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.

Theresa also has a Caucasian heritage and identifies as an American citizen.

Theresa Lynn Wood
Theresa Lynn Wood (Pinterest)

Theresa Lynn Wood, the First Spouse of Shawn Michaels

Theresa likes to keep things to herself, as we’ve already stated. When it comes to her professional career, the same might be stated.

Wood only became well-known after she wed Michaels. When he was still a student at Southwest Texas State University, he began his wrestling career. Before making his WWF/E debut in 1988, Shawn first appeared in the NWA and a few other professional wrestling promotions.

Childhood sweethearts Theresa and Shawn Michaels

Theresa and Shawn’s families were friends, according to the author of Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story, Shawn Michaels. It is therefore evident that the former couple knew one other well from their early years.

Shawn was employed in San Antonio seven days a week when he was twenty years old. He didn’t have a lot of time to spend with his high school friends. He stated in the publication cited above that life was somewhat monotonous. After some time, he admitted to his mother that having a girlfriend would be preferable. His mother added,

“What about the girl from Wood? Theresa, how about you? She was always a lovely young lady.

Shawn then began to have thoughts of her. Theresa was just 14 years old when he last saw her, two years prior, when he was 18 years old. He first debated if dating a 16-year-old girl at the time would be appropriate.

Later, the former wrestler even spoke with both mothers about it. Theresa and Shawn soon started going to the movies together, and ultimately they started dating as well.

Described Theresa as Being Nice in his Book

“Theresa would accompany me to shows, but I would never take her in the back. She sat outside the arena before and during the performances because no one brought their girlfriends backstage in those days. She was unbothered. She seemed to be fascinated by me. For a high school student, I was quite the catch, and I was delighted to be with her. She was a wonderful girl and a lovely young lady.

A Christmas present from Shawn Michaels led to their engagement.

Shawn gave her a diamond ring for Christmas two weeks into their relationship. The idea to offer Theresa that ring came from his mother. He remembered,

When she received it, she sobbed.

His mother also screamed out loud,

They were engaged, my goodness!

Shawn was unaware that getting Theresa the diamond ring meant they were getting engaged, though. He noted:

I genuinely didn’t know that you could only buy a diamond ring for someone when you intended to propose.

Michaels simply objected to their engagement after everyone assumed they were engaged because the two weren’t mature enough.

Shawn started wrestling shortly after that. Even though he started getting a little bit occupied with his burgeoning profession, his ex-girlfriend Theresa would occasionally stop by and see him.

However, the pair quickly experienced distance in their relationship due to his expanding business and busy schedule. At times, they were even on the edge of breaking up. But eventually, they were able to resolve their differences.

Wedding of Theresa Lynn Wood and Shawn Michael

Shawn, Theresa’s then-boyfriend, made a formal proposal to her while in Minnesota for his second run. In her hometown of San Antonio’s Catholic church, the couple was later united in marriage in June 1988. The wedding party included Kenny, Scott, and other friends from high school in addition to Michaels’s father, who acted as the groomsman.

For their honeymoon, they later traveled to the Caribbean. Shawn returned to the World Wrestling Federation two weeks later.

However, some six years after their wedding, they decided to part ways amicably. Theresa didn’t want the fifty percent that Texas law gave her in their divorce settlement.

They also didn’t have any kids.

Theresa’s Life After Michaels’s Divorce

Theresa has been secretive about her romantic life ever since she and Shawn, her first husband, got divorced. Since then, she has never disclosed her dating status. She currently resides in Shoreline, Washington.

However, her ex-husband Michaels has been contentedly wed to his second wife Rebecca Curci for a considerable amount of time. Two children were also a blessing for the couple.

Net Worth

Her net worth has not yet been determined with certainty. Shawn, her ex-husband, currently has a net worth of $10 million as of 2022.