Thomas Canestraro
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Who Is Thomas Canestraro?

The boxer, fitness model, and sponsored athlete Thomas Canestraro is based in New York. Thomas competed in roughly 300 matches throughout his 20-year boxing career, winning the majority of them.

Among other honors, he has won 11 Light Contact Kickboxing titles and five Wako Championship titles.

Thomas is well-known for his achievements as an actor and a fitness model outside of the ring. He has appeared on the covers of fitness magazines as well as in blockbuster movies like Expandables III.

A world champion kickboxer, fitness model, and actor, he began his career as a teenage Taekwondo fighter in his native Paris. Thomas is living proof that effort and commitment pay off in all facets of life. Here is his tale:

I started training in Taekwondo at the age of five before switching to kickboxing and boxing. Also,  I began competing at the age of six and continued until my last professional match, which I had at the age of 25.

I had to perform well in five different sports each semester to earn my master’s degree, including hurdling, triple jump, 400-meter sprint, javelin, volleyball, basketball, climbing, gymnastics, dancing, judo, handball, rugby, and more.

At the time, I was working out more than 20 hours per week with them and kickboxing.

Body Measurements of Thomas Canestraro 

Full Name: Thomas Canestraro
HEIGHT: 6’1″ (185.5cm) 43′
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
PROFESSION: Kickboxer, Fitness Model, Training and Boxing Coach
ERA: 2010, 2000


  • Names and Honors
  • Fully Engaged (Kickboxing without Low-Kick)
  • European Champion Full Contact 85 KG WAKO PRO 2009 (Professional)
  • Full Contact Champion of Europe WAKO PRO 2008 85 KG (Professional)
  • Also, Full Contact Regional Champion: 2007
  • Full Contact Champion of France in 2003, 2004 and 2006

Brief Contact

  • Light contact with the Champion of France: 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002
  • 2006 WAKO World Cup light contact in Italy (SALSOMAGGIORE): Bronze Medal (3rd)
  • Hungary’s quarterfinal performance at the 2005 WAKO World Championship (SZEDED) (Medical Stop)
  • Italy 2004 (MASSA CARRARA) (MASSA CARRARA) Gold Medal in the WAKO World Championship Light Contact (1st)
  • 2006 (MARIBOR) WAKO European Championship-Light Contact Seniors: Bronze Medal for Slovenia (3rd)
  • WKA World Cup Light-Contact Germany 2002 (TRIER): Gold Medal (1st)
  • 2002 WKA World Championship Light-Contact: Gold Medal for Italy (MASSA CARRARA) (1st)
  • French-Boxing savagely
  • 2007 French Championship silver medal


  • France’s champion in 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, and 2003


  • 2003 French Championship quarterfinal loss (amateur)
  • 2002 French Championship gold medalist
  • 2001 French Championship Silver Medal


graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Technical Science of Physical and Athletic Activities with a minor in Athletic Training.

Higher State Diploma in Youth, Education, and Sports (2011)


Short Career of Thomas Canestraro Thomas Canestraro

The French suburbs of Paris, in the southeast, are where Thomas Canestraro was born. He is of French and Italian ancestry.

His father was a talented French footballer who gained notoriety while playing for several clubs and came close to making the national team.

Thomas started playing sports at a young age, following in his father’s footsteps. As he put it, “I loved soccer growing up in France and always played with my school friends during recess.”

Thomas switched from soccer to taekwondo at the age of five, then to kickboxing and boxing later. He soon realized how much he loved playing contact sports, so he made it his full-time career.

Career In Combat SportsThomas Canestraro

Since he was six years old, Thomas has been practicing martial arts and participating in contact sports. As Thomas’ performance in the ring increased along with his stature and strength, the development continued to be made gradually.

Thomas Canestraro became the World Champion in Light Contact Kick-Boxing by the age of 16, earning his first professional championship.

Thomas enjoyed tremendous success in the ring over the years. renowned for his powerful boxing style, quickness, and agility. He rose to prominence in the Kickboxing Championship Circuit very quickly.

Before his professional retirement in 2009, he went on to win two boxing championships, eleven light contact kickboxing championships, five kickboxing championships, and six full contact kickboxing championships.

Thomas relocated to New York in 2011 from his native Paris to advance his profession. such as modeling and acting.

Working with modeling agencies and fitness publications, Thomas soon appeared on the covers and advertisements of fitness magazines. Additionally, he had his first film role in the 2013 film Expandables III.

Today’s Thomas Canestraro

Training (Workout)

Thomas adjusts his workout schedule based on his objectives and responsibilities. He attempts to lift weights five to six times a week on average.

Additionally, he engages in cardio up to three times per week. Jumping rope, heavy bag, speed bag, and sparring are some of his preferred aerobic exercises. Thomas dislikes standard steady-state aerobic exercises like using a treadmill.

“Many of my clients claim that I am a gym therapist. But for the best experience, an organization in both life and mind is essential! Therefore, make a strategy before heading to the gym and keep track of your efforts to see your development. Additionally, to avoid dehydration, drink some water for around 30 minutes before working out.

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Thomas doesn’t adhere to any particular dietary rules. He just ensures that he gives his body the nourishment it needs to recuperate from exercises and maintain strength and leanness.

He consumes a lot of seafood, fruits, and vegetables, as well as lean meat.

Thomas cites pizza Margherita with a lot of cheese as his preferred “cheat dinner.”

Influences And Idols

Thomas’ father had a significant impact on him early in life. In his youth, he was a very accomplished and successful soccer player who motivated Thomas to begin his career in combat sports. Which finally helped him succeed on his terms.

What Could Thomas Canestraro Teach Us?

Thomas Canestraro is a motivated and diligent person. This was evident as soon as he began to emulate his father by playing soccer and then competing in combat sports.

He has achieved success in boxing, business, acting, and fitness modeling because of his disciplined attitude and desire to execute the work well. You can succeed in anything you set out to do if you have the same motivation and tenacity.