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Tim Spector, a researcher and expert in nutrition states that exercise has a small role in weight loss. But it does help in improvement of overall health of people. And for weight loss, the best solution is dietary and lifestyle modification.

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Tim Spector and his opinion on weight loss measures

Tim Spector is a prolific researcher in nutrition. He has penned several books on nutrition. He feels that exercise in weight loss is exaggerated as a quick and important remedy. It does not play a major role in it. But exercise does have a role in helping to improve the overall health of the person. And exercise also helps the heart and keeps it healthy. Moreover, it improves muscle mass and prevents it from declining with age. For this reason, we all should exercise.

Tim Spector
Tim Spector (Source: The Guardian)

But exercise alone for weight loss is meaningless, he says. Other health agencies have been advising all that exercise helps in shedding extra body fat and is vital to cut the bulge. But Tim has sensationally claimed that this is not so. Tim was talking on the Steven Bartlett’s podcast The Diary of a CEO.

Tim’s statements

Tim trained as an epidemiologist and was an integral part of the COVID-19 team during the pandemic and lockdown period. He said:

All the long-term studies show that it [exercise] doesn’t help weight loss…”

”It’s been grossly exaggerated as an easy fix for our obesity problem.”

Tim adds that the only value of exercise in weight loss programs is when the dieter has started a diet plan and lost some appreciable amount of weight. At this time, exercise has a role and can prevent the dieter from regaining back the lost weight.

Further, Tim adds that without dietetic change, exercise alone will not allow you to lose weight. Obesity experts and various studies speak the same, he said.

Tim Spector
Exercise has a minor role in weight loss (Source: YouTube)

But Tim stated that exercises are great for overall health and to elevate one’s mood. And it also helps protect the heart and keep it healthy. One should do it but not if your aim is to just lose weight.

Tim went on to say:

“That’s a huge myth, particularly perpetuated by gyms and fitness apps. It is complete nonsense.”

Diet and weight loss

On the same podcast, Tim advised that people who are desirous of losing weight should adhere to a fixed diet plan and follow it religiously. They should stop counting food intake calories and instead focus on having healthy and nutrient-dense foods. Just counting calories of foods and restricting them will lead to weight loss. But this is a short-term achievement. Once people stop the diet plan, the weight bounces back. And also the diet plan might lead to certain nutritional deficiencies over time. This leads to poor health and health issues for the dieter.

Tim Spector
Calories counting (Source: Pinterest)

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Hence, Tim’s advice for weight losers is to eat plant based foods and have 30 different plants every week. They should avoid ultra-processed foods and stick to a time-restricted eating in the day. This would mean having meals within the 10 hour window period allotted for it in a day. This will help prevent night time eating and snacks and thus prevent weight gain.