Nutrisystem diet

Nutrisystem is yet another weight loss plan that is served on a commercial basis. What are the foods allowed in this diet plan? Is it safe to follow? Are there any likely problems with this diet? Read on to know all this and more.

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The Nutrisystem diet plan for weight loss

Excess weight and obesity has become a national problem in the USA. It has reached epidemic proportions. Faulty diet and sedentary lifestyle contribute to it. And it leads to chronic problems of the heart, arteries, diabetes mellitus, joint issues, and mental depression.

Various diet plans have been launched in the market to tackle this problem and help people shed the extra fats. The nutrisystem is one such commercial diet plan for weight loss. In the initial phases of the plan, the dieter needs to purchase food packages from the company. Later, gradually, he or she can start preparing meals at home. Certain foods are to be avoided whereas others can be had in limitation. Some foods can be eaten liberally.

Nutrisystem diet
The Nutrisystem diet (Source: Emily Reviews)

The plan is easier to follow. Additionally, nutritional deficiencies are not usually seen with it.

Foods in this diet

The first week is for jump-starting your weight loss process. In this week, the dieter has to rely on pre-packaged meals from the company. These include breakfasts, lunches, snacks, shakes, and dinners.

While in the second week, you can make Flex meals. This are two healthy breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners two snacks in a week. This helps the dieter to practice healthy eating. This healthful eating would continue lifelong for the person after he completes the plan.

Nutrisystem diet
The Nutrisystem diet (Source: The leafy nutrisystem blog)

The company delivers the food packages every 2 or 4 weeks based on the plan the person chooses. But there is flexibility in choice of food items. One can opt for frozen or ready to go foods or a mix of both. These foods include cinnamon roll, Chocolate brownie sundae, apple and walnut oatmeal, chipotle chicken and bacon flatbread, creamy tomato soup, lean protein, dark chocolate sea salt nut square, lemon caper chicken, grain-crusted Pollock with vegetables, orange cream bar, non-starchy vegetables, merlot beef with root vegetables, vanilla ice cream sandwich or turkey sausage and egg muffin.

Foods to avoid and limitations

The dieter can consume all foods. But there are currently no nutrisystem plans for vegan eaters. But it does cater to vegetarian people with many vegetarian food options. Milk, milk products and eggs are available in the frozen as well as ready to go food options. There are more than 100 vegetarian foods on the system.

But gluten free food options are very, very limited. There is no plan to offer for halal food eaters. Even Kosher dieters cannot follow this plan due to lack of kosher-friendly foods in it.

Nutrisystem diet
The Nutrisystem diet (Source: Everyday health)

The foods are served ready-made in the initial few weeks. Hence during those weeks, eating out in restaurants is not possible. Moreover, the diet plans could be expensive due to the commercial nature and need to purchase premade meals.

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But the weight loss program is effective and safe. It is popular amongst the elite class and celebrities. It trains people to eat in a healthy way.