HMR diet

These days, there are a number of diet plans for fast weight loss. But most of them consist of food restrictions which may not be healthy or safe in the long term. There is also the HMR diet for quick fix of excessive body fats. What is this diet plan? Is it healthy and safe?

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The HMR diet

The HMR diet is a diet for quick weight loss. It can help the slimmer jumpstart on shedding some excess fats from the body.

HMR diet
HMR diet (Source: Everyday health)

The term HMR stands for Health Management Resources. It is a well-streamlined diet plan that provides all the foods for the day. Thus, it is a commercial weight loss plan. In this, there is no need of cooking food. Choices are limited and not varied. But it is convenient. Is it effective? How does one follow it? Is it safe and sustainable?

The exact diet plan

According to the U.S. News and World Report, this diet plan is the best for rapid weight loss. The company sells this plan along with the foods and it is chargeable. The firm has a simple 3+2+5 Healthy Solutions plan. In this, it gives the dieter 3 shakes and 2 ready made meals in a day. And the dieter has to arrange for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

The company has developed an HMR app so that the user can track his or her calories intake per day. Besides the above diet plan, the dieter has to have daily physical activity in the form of few daily walks.

HMR diet
HMR diet entrees (Source: Cooking light)

A normal user of this diet plan on an average loses 23 pounds of weight in 12 weeks. There is another more rigorous plan with more calories restrictions from the same company. But it is done under medical supervision only. It is meant for people who are obese and it leads to even more weight loss.

Each day the diet ensures 1200 calories intake. A three weeks worth of meals costs 300 USD. The program has support, and weekly group phone sessions. There is a head coach for each group who is responsible for motivation and problem solving.

Switch to maintenance phase

After the desired weight goal is reached, one can switch to the maintenance phase. Here, dependence on HMR foods reduces and people automatically start adopting healthier lifestyles.

This plan works well for obese people who do not mind calories restrictions and can cope with them. It suits people who want to be free from the stress of thinking about foods and calories. It does cause quick weight loss and can motivate the slimmer.

HMR diet
HMR diet entrees (Source: Cooking light)

But the shakes have artificial sweeteners in them and may not be healthy in long term. They also have eggs and milk and hence this diet is not vegan friendly. It also is unsuitable for people with milk or egg allergies.

Moreover, the foods provided are highly processed to improve shelf life. They contain preservatives, soy, and carrageenan. The latter can cause inflammation.

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Risks of constipation and gall stones formation are more with people on such commercial calories restricted diet plans. And people might lose weight but regain it back on stopping the program. Additionally, it might be difficult to dine outside or at parties with this plan.