Jane Plan diet

Jane Plan diet is a diet for weight loss. But here taste and food variety remains uncompromised. It is a marketed commercial plan with ready to eat meals st your doorstep.

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Jane Plan diet

Jane Plan diet is a commercial diet plan for weight loss. Dietitian Jane Michell has created this food plan. These are low calories but it is still a nutritious meal plan. The meals are pre made and despatched to you. There are portion-controlled breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that are all ready to eat. One just needs to preheat them in an oven or microwave and consume.

Jane Plan diet
Jane Michell and her book (Source: Amazon)

The calories in each meal are around 200 to 400 calories and not more than that. If you are into a more active lifestyle, one can supplement these meals with protein shakes. There is a lot of variety in the meals provided. You can choose your favorites. These include vegetarian, vegan, halal foods, gluten free, high protein and dairy milk free. You can change the menu monthly.

Diet follows NHS and NICE guidelines

Jane Plan is not a crash diet. It strictly follows the guidelines that NHS and NICE has laid down. The plan leads to a gradual and recommended weight loss of around 1 to 2 lbs per week. One can include fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products with the plan. But calories control with these have to be self-monitored.

Once you sign up and pay the membership and meal fees, you are put under the guidance of a certified nutritionist. He or she will supervise your foods and weight loss journey and guide you throughout. There will be weekly support wherein you can give your feedback. The dietitian will also answer any queries you have. He or she will motivate you to adhere to the plan and see to it that it is a success.

Jane Plan diet
The Jane Plan diet products (Source: Good to)

There is email support as well. In this, you will find in your inbox some helpful tips, diet advices and recipes to make your health and weight loss journey achievable. There is also a Lose Learn Live Hub. On this site, members of the diet plan get advice, can log their weight and also know about live events in their area.

The exact plan

It has two parts: Lose and Learn and Learn to Live. In first part, there are 28 days or more days of calories restricted meals. Energy deficit results and hence there is weight loss due to fat burning.

The second part of the program the dieter has to do alongside. He or she can access the wealth of info on healthy lifestyle on the diet website and imbibe it into his or her daily life. Several concerns and topics are handled here such as how to overcome hunger pants, how to handle the sugar cravings etc.

Once you are satisfied that you have made eating into a healthy lifestyle, you can cancel your subscription giving 5 days advance notice before the date of renewal.

Jane Plan diet
Jane Plan diet meals (Source: Women and food)

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The meal plans very in cost. On an average, the price comes to 3.25 to 9.25 pounds per day. If you sign for more months, the cost gets lesser. It is a convenient way to lose weight with no calories tracking. You get variety. Even though expensive than home cooking, the plan is worth it.