Anti-inflammatory spice

Some people have bloating issues. Improper food intake could be one major reason for it. But luckily, Nature has provided us with certain foods to mitigate the gas formation. You can start your day on the right food by adding this anti-inflammatory spice to your morning cup of coffee. Which is this spice that can relieve bloating?

Bloating and the anti-inflammatory spice

Everyone of us have faced the issue of indigestion and bloating at some time in our lives. Some get it frequently. It is particularly bad if you begin your day with it. It is upsetting when you have some important meeting. You cannot concentrate on it since your whole attention is on your sore tummy.

Anti-inflammatory spice
Cinnamon in coffee relieves bloating (Source: Vintage Kitty)

Eating improperly for dinner at nighttime is one common cause of morning gut gas issues. You can avoid it by having light dinner at night. Foods that do not produce gas would be ideal. But there is another option too. Just adding a bit of this anti-inflammatory spice into your morning cup of coffee can do wonders. Which is this spice that you should keep handy and use frequently to ease your tummy?

Cinnamon and it’s gut benefits

Cinnamon can do great with addition in your morning coffee cup. It aids digestion and keeps gut moving so that the gas passes out easily. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Dietitian Trista Best explains:

One of the best anti-inflammatory spices to add to coffee is cinnamon,”

Cinnamon has potent antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Further, nutritionist Mary Sabat adds that the useful antioxidant in cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde.

Moreover, cinnamon is a natural sweetener. It adds sweetness to your coffee and reduces the need of refined sugar. The latter can cause weight gain, body inflammation and related health issues and chronic diseases. Trista says:

“It has a natural sweetness that can enhance the flavor of coffee without the need for added sugars or artificial sweeteners,”

Anti-inflammatory spice
Ginger has Anti-inflammatory properties (Source: NCCIH)

She suggests to sprinkle a bit of the spice on the grounds before you brew it. Or one can also add and mix it into the ready coffee.

Other anti-inflammatory spices

Besides cinnamon, nutritionists recommend you to use three other spices on a daily basis. Turmeric is one of them. It has curcumin. This is an antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It is good in soups and curry dishes and has tons of health benefits. It also flavors the dish.

Ginger is the second spice that is good for health. It boosts metabolism and fights free radicals. The latter are damaging and can cause chronic health conditions and even cancer. Add it to any dish, it is very versatile. It keeps you full longer. One can even crush and put it into teas. It reduces phlegm and cough.

Anti-inflammatory spice
Cayenne paprika (Source: AZ animals)

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Cayenne paprika is another spice that boosts metabolism. It is spicy and can help in weight management. The active ingredient in them is capsaicin. One can put it in any food dish. A bit of it in drinks or soups or smoothies is also good for health.