Geetanjali Nagpal
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A well-known Indian supermodel and fashion designer from the 1990s is Geetanjali Nagpal (born in 1989; age: 32). Her addiction to drink and drugs ultimately destroyed her life and career.

Geetanjali Nagpal took the choice to go the begging road. In Delhi, she frequently slept on pavements, visited parks, and wandered the city.

What Is Geetanjali Nagpal’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Geetanjali Nagpal is 20–25 lakh Indian Rupees.

Adolescence And EducationGeetanjali Nagpal

The model is from Hissar, in the state of Haryana. Her native tongue is Bengali. Geetanjali will be 32 years old in 2021 because she was born in 1989. The former model practices Hinduism. Furthermore, it is impossible to discern her sun sign due to inadequate information.

According to the sources, Geetanjali is a bright brat. Nagpal attended Mount Carmel in Bangalore for her final year of school before enrolling at Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. A Fashion Design course at South Delhi Polytechnic in New Delhi was later completed by the model.

Familial HistoryGeetanjali Nagpal

Her biography states that Geetanjali Nagpal was born in Haryana to a middle-class family. Both of her parents have been very supportive of her career. Geetanjali is of Indian descent and fluent in Haryanvi, Hindi, and English. Her father is a Navy officer by profession, while her mother, Santosh Nagpal, is a housewife.

The specifics of her siblings are not yet revealed. She also belongs to the Kamboj clan because of her last name, Nagpal.

Do You Have Any Knowledge Of Geetanjali Nagpal’s Modeling Career, Profession, Or Way Of Life?

Haryana comes from a state where girls are less likely to receive an education. Geetanjali rose to notoriety as a model in the 1990s. But originally, her parents didn’t agree with her decision. After completing her schooling as a designer, she decided to get into the fashion business as a model.

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One of her photographers even compared her to Madhuri Dixit because she was having success as a model. For Geetanjali, life was perfect. She has taken part in several important projects and walked the red carpet with well-known people like Sushmita Sen.

Her career took a U-turn as she started falling into the trap of abusing alcohol and drugs, and it started to plummet quickly. She had no more money to pay for her daily expenses. Things became so bad that she began begging on the street.

Status Of Relationships

The stunning actress and model married her German fiancé Robert Stuempfl. Her parents, however, were against this. She married him even though she disobeyed her parents. The specifics of how, when, or where they met and got married have not yet been made public.

The two have a child they named Arthur together. Geetanjali Nagpal reportedly left the marriage and relocated to Goa. Her kid and spouse both still live in Germany. When she was in Goa, she met a British man, and the two of them moved to Delhi after falling in love.

Around the time the couple moved into a guest house in Delhi, she started developing a drug and alcohol addiction. Geetanjali declined to reunite with her husband Robert for personal reasons.

6 Interesting Geetanjali Nagpal Facts

  1. She reportedly said she wanted to see her son, who was at the time living in Thailand.
  2. Geetanjali Nagpal instructed the chairman of the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW), Barkha Singh, to carry out this request.
  3. She has spent the last four months away from the city and will soon be going back to her parent’s house.
  4. There was some controversy around the 2008 movie Fashion since Kangana admitted in an interview that Geetanjali Nagpal’s experience served as the basis for the tale.
  5. But there was never any evidence to support it.
  6. Geetanjali also worked as a maid to earn money.