Harry Holland
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Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, has a younger brother named Harry Robert Holland, also known as Harry Holland. Harry is also an actress, albeit with only a few tiny roles in both long and short films. In addition, he is a screenwriter and director who has worked as his Hollywood famous brother Tom’s assistant on several occasions.

Their social media identities witness the close-knit nature of the Holland brothers. The siblings of Harry Holland frequently engage in activities other than just having fun together, giving off the impression that they can’t get enough time together.

Identify which of his other brothers, if any, is the one who is closest to Tom. Also learn about his personal life, profession, if he will appear in Spiderman: No Way Home, and his experiences as a film writer and director.

The Birthplace of Harry Holland

On February 14, 1999, Harry was born in Kingston upon the Thames, Surrey, England.

He completed his education at Donhead, a Wimbledon school. Later, Harry enrolled at Wimbledon College. Following that, he attended the Croydon-based BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology.

Father Dominic Holland, a comedian, writer, and showrunner, hails from Southwest London. Dominic Holland Sr. had his program called The Small World of Dominic Holland and was also the recipient of the 1993 Perrier Best Newcomer Award in Edinburgh. Later on, the show was awarded a Comic Heritage Award.

Nicola Frost (Nikki), Harry’s mother, is a photographer who met Dominic at Leeds University.

Harry Holland
Harry Holland (Pinterest)

Siblings of Harry Holland

Harry Holland and the other Holland brothers are all involved in the entertainment industry.

Sam Holland, his twin brother, made his on-screen debut in the 2012 disaster drama movie The Impossible. Then, in the 2015 short film Tweet, directed by the brother’s Harry and Tom, he portrayed himself. Harry’s final acting role was in the 2020 short Roses for Lily. Harry Holland also directed and wrote this. Sam also has a background as a cook.

Paddy (Patrick), Harry’s younger brother, also made an appearance in the 2015 short film Tweet, which he also wrote and directed. He also had a challenging youngster role in the 2018 movie Holmes and Watson.

Similarly, Paddy was credited in the short film Roses for Lily. Since 2020, he has played the part of Montgomery (Monty) Cuttermill in Apple TV’s Invasion.

Writer, Director, and Actor Harry Holland

Harry made his acting debut in the 2012 catastrophe drama film The Impossible, just like his twin brother Sam. He plays the kid in the tent in the Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor-starring film. Harry claimed in an interview with Celeb Mix that his time spent in Thailand while filming The Impossible inspired him to pursue a career in acting.

Then, in the 2013 movie Diana, he portrayed the young Prince Harry.

Then, Harry played himself in the short film Tweet. He made an appearance in the 2016 short film Hugo Hans: Wildrunners. The British actor appeared in his brother’s movie Cherry as the Shaky Kid (2021). He also acted as Tom’s assistant in the film.

Additionally, Harry has helmed five short films. Some of them include Roses For Lilly (2016), In the Middle of the Night (2016), Hugo Hans: Wildrunners (2016), Tweet (2015), and Hugo Hans: Wildrunners (2016). (2020).

In Tom Holland’s Spiderman: No Way Home, He Will Appear

Tom revealed in February 2021 that Harry, his brother, will return to the Cherry role in Spider-Man 3.

No Way Home is a mystery that has audiences scratching their heads. They all want to know if actors like Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Tobey Maguire, and Benedict Cumberbatch will appear in the movie.

Tom has been careful not to divulge too much in the interviews, but he has been very glad to chat about one of his movie co-stars.

Tom stated that his brother had indeed taped a cameo for Cherry as an ecstasy dealer when Jimmy Fallon asked Tom what part Harry will play in Spider-Man 3. Harry is about to reprise the same character in a completely different movie, the Avengers star revealed.

Tom clarified that Harry’s character from Cherry, Shaky Kid would return in his own peculiar MCU Cinematic Universe.

Harry Holland
Harry Holland (Pinterest)

What Role Harry Holland Played in No Way Home

Tom also discussed how Harry came to appear in No Way Home. Within the first two weeks of filming, he told Collider, director John Watts, and Harry, they were having a BBQ at his place when they made the decision. Tom explained that Mr. Watts was present, and Harry had kind of bugged him by asking,

I’ve been here from the beginning, Jon. When are you going to include me in this movie?

Then Jon decided to turn him into a bank robber, leaving Peter to apprehend him.

Appear in All of Tom’s Films

Tom also disclosed to Fallon during the same interview session that he wants Harry to play the Shaky Kid in all of his future films. The MCU star, however, did not elaborate on his desire for his brother to appear in all of his upcoming films as the same avatar.

Tom even posted a picture of his brother mingling with him on the scene. Another thing to keep in mind is that Harry has played Spiderman before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though this would be his first screen appearance, he worked as a production assistant for the 2019 movie Far From Home.

Tom Holland And Harry Holland Wrote A Screenplay

Tom said in April 2020 that he and his brother Harry had been working on a movie script when the coronavirus lockdown occurred. The actor told Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night host, the news.

Sam’s older brother claimed that in the hopes that it will be turned into a movie, he had even forwarded the writings to producers. However, Tom acknowledged that pitching the script was the most nerve-wracking thing he had ever done in his professional life.

Tom’s Brother Holland Gave Him a Rolex

The Cherry star claimed in a Jimmy Fallon interview that he gave his brother Sam a Rolex watch for his 21st birthday in February 2020. Sam, Harry’s twin brother, on the other hand, got a piano from his older brother. Tom mentioned that he wanted to offer his brother something special and unforgettable for their 21st birthday.

The Kingston native, however, claimed that he and his parents shared the expense of the pricey gifts.

Has Harry Holland Ever dated Anyone?

Harry doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. Either that or Tom Holland’s brother, who stands 5′ 9″, is keeping his relationships private. According to his Instagram, Sam Holland’s twin brother is passionate about photography, filmmaking, and spending time with his brothers. Only Sam has spoken out so far about his romantic life. Only time will tell what the other Holland brothers are up to.

Additional Details About Harry Holland

  • Harry attended a dance class as well.
  • He is the owner of The Brothers Trading, an online hoodie shop, The Brothers Trust, and several other businesses.