James Wlcek
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Who is James Wlcek?

James Wlcek is an American citizen and a Pisces by astrological sign. He was born in New York City, USA, on February 22, 1964. In the romantic drama series “Ryan’s Hope,” which ran from 1975 to 1989 and starred Nancy Addison, Michael Levin, and Helen Gallagher and chronicled the working-class Ryan family, he played the role of Ben Shelby. The role may still be the one for which he is most remembered.

James Wlcek was nominated in 1989 for an Outstanding Male Newcomer: Daytime Soap Opera Digest Award for his performance.

What Is He Doing Right Now And Where Is He Located?

James Wlcek
James Wlcek(Pinterest)

There have been online allegations that James has stopped acting, however, he is still involved in the film industry. In 2019, he played Deputy Grant, one of the main characters in Josh Ridgway’s action horror western film “Howlers,” which also starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Chad Michael Collins.

Adolescence And Education

James developed an interest in acting as a child, and shortly after enrolling in primary school, he began to perform in school plays as well as plays presented at a nearby theater. After enrolling in a local high school, he developed an interest in martial arts and continued to practice for almost 30 years; his combat prowess can be seen in the films and TV shows he acted in. James graduated from high school in 1982 and went on to enroll in a college, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in the arts in 1985. Despite this, James chose to concentrate on his acting career rather than pursue a profession in his area of study.

Acting As A Career

When James appeared as Claude Altoose in the episode “The Swap” of the comedy-fantasy series “Tales from the Darkside,” he officially began his acting career. In two episodes of the acclaimed love drama “One Life to Live” in 1989, he played Jack Gibson.

In the romantic comedy “Steel Magnolias,” which also starred Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, and Sally Field and was about a young beautician who relocates to a small town in Louisiana and joins a tight-knit group of women who know everyone in town, he made his acting debut. He played the supporting role of Marshall Marmillion.

In seven episodes of the romance drama “As the World Turns,” which aired from 1956 to 2010, James played Linc Lafferty. The series had a total of over 3500 episodes. Later in the decade, he played Clancy in the action-crime episode “Last Breath” of “Baywatch Nights,” played Eric in the mystery film “Damien’s Seed,” but neither performance garnered much attention.

James first displayed his fighting prowess in the action-adventure series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which starred the martial artist Chuck Norris, after being invited to appear in one episode of the action-adventure series “L.A. Firefighters” in 1997.

James played Trent Malloy in all six of the action-crime episodes of “Sons of Thunder” in 1999. In the years that followed, he made cameo appearances in several other series, including “JAG” in 2002 and “The Division” in 2003. In 2004, he appeared uncredited in the romantic comedy “Little Black Book,” and the following year, he played Yale in the drama “Don’t Tell.” He accepted a role in the action-adventure fantasy film “Hydra” in 2009, which was met with largely unfavorable reviews. Two years later, he played The Landowner in the sentimental western film “Love’s Christmas Journey.”

In addition to “Howlers” in 2019, James’ most recent roles are Ranch Hand in the action western movie “Shadow on the Mesa” in 2013, John Merrit in the science fiction film “The Palmer Supremacy” in 2014, and Brennan in the science fiction thriller “The Sector” from 2016.

Relationship Status

James and Susan Broccoli first connected at a party in 1993, where a mutual acquaintance introduced them. Days later, they began dating, and four years later, they were wed in a small ceremony seen by their closest friends and family.

Susan is a photographer who specializes in product photography. She has exhibited both in the US and the UK and has worked with numerous hotels and restaurants in the UK and Italy. Both of their children are martial artists and have no interest in becoming actresses; Susan gave birth to their first child in 1999, and their second child followed two years later.

There haven’t been any rumors or disputes around James’ marriage to Susan, and he hasn’t mentioned any ladies he might have been dating before meeting Susan. He has been married and has two kids as of August 2020.

Activities And Other Passions

James was highly physically active in his 20s and 30s. He participated in football and soccer, frequented the gym, and went swimming and running frequently.

He is an animal enthusiast who has volunteered and donated time to various animal shelters. He has two dogs as pets, and elephants are his favorite species.

Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong are two of the jazz and blues musicians he enjoys listening to.

James’ primary pastime is traveling, and his acting profession has taken him across the US as well as to Europe multiple times, where he has visited some of his favorite locations, including Paris in France, London in England, and Rome in Italy.

Tom Hanks, Will Smith, and Julia Roberts are some of his favorite performers and actresses, and “You’ve Got Mail,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “Notting Hill” are some of his favorite films.

Body Structure And Net Worth

James Wlcek
James Wlcek(Pinterest)

James is 56 years old. His height is 5 ft 10 ins (1.78 m), his weight is roughly 154 pounds, and he has blue eyes and short brown hair (70kgs).

His projected net worth as of August 2020 is greater than $500,000.