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Who Exactly Is Kasie Hunt?

Kasie S. Hunt was born on May 24, 1985, in Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA; her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she is of American nationality. Kasie is a political correspondent best known for her work for the NBC News and MSNBC networks.

Childhood And Education

Kasie Hunt
Kasie Hunt(Pinterest)

Kasie was reared in Wayne by her parents, Bruce Hunt, a real estate designer who works for Penn Medicine, and Krista Hunt, a certified yoga instructor. Carly, Kasie’s younger sister, is a former professional golfer and former member of two golf teams, the Maryland Terrapins and the Georgetown Hoyas.

Kasie grew up watching political broadcasts with her father daily, which sparked her interest in politics. She went to Conestoga High School, where she was physically active by playing lacrosse and running track, as well as playing tennis and golf with her younger sister on occasion. She enrolled at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., in 2003, and graduated magna cum laude in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in international affairs. She continued her schooling at Cambridge’s St. John’s College, where she earned a Master’s degree in sociology in 2008.

Journalist’s Career

Kasie began her career as a journalist in 2006 when she began working as an intern for NBC News. After three months with them, she was invited to work as a reporter for the National Journal advice services company’s show “Congress Daily,” and she also authored pieces regarding affordable care during that period. She began working as a writer for the Politico firm in 2010, then in the summer of 2011, she was recruited to work as a national political reporter for the Associated Press non-profit news agency. Her most notable works during that period were coverage of the 2010 midterm elections and the 2012 presidential election.

In 2013, she was invited to return to NBC News as a producer and reporter, primarily covering political issues such as Congress. She was soon appearing on various MSNBC network TV programs, and a year later she was named their political correspondent. She can currently be seen on shows like “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and “Morning Joe,” among others. In the autumn of 2017, she debuted her show, “Kasie DC,” in which she discusses politics.

Although she is not an actress, Kasie participated in the 2013 drama TV series “House of Cards,” which starred Kevin Spacey and Michel Gill and told the narrative of a Congressman and his wife seeking vengeance on those who had turned their backs on them.

I adore my life and lover. Matthew Mario Rivera is the father of the child.
Kasie and Matthew Mario Rivera met at NBC News in 2013 while working together, began dating a few months later, and Matt proposed to Kasie in March 2016. The couple married on May 6, 2017, at Shenandoah Woods in Stanley, Virginia, with only the couple’s closest friends and family in attendance.

Kasie announced her pregnancy on social media on March 13, 2019; she and Matt opted to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender. Mars, their son, was born on September 4, 2019, weighing 9lbs 8ozs (4.3kgs).

Before the meeting, both Kasie and Matt were in long-term relationships. Kasie dated her college love for four years before parting up, while Matt dated another reporter for three years before splitting up.

Other Interests And Hobbies

Kasie spends her free time reading books, and while her favorites are political, she also appreciates Agatha Christie’s detective crime thrillers, such as “Death on the Nile” and “Murder on the Orient Express.” Kasie enjoys watching movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are Will Smith and Natalie Portman, and her favorite films are “Lady Bird,” “The Dark Knight,” and “Portrait of a Lady on Fire.”

Her main hobby is traveling, and she has visited numerous US states for work, as well as Italy and Spain, as well as India and China. Her favorite travel location is Zermatt, Switzerland. She is physically active since she enjoys cycling and walking, she practices yoga regularly, and she attends numerous gym training sessions each week.

Appearance And Wealth Of Kasie Hunt

Kasie’s age is 34. She is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs roughly 143lbs. She has medium length brown hair and brown eyes (65kgs). Her net worth is projected to be more than $3 million as of March 2020.

Mat Rivera, Kasie’s Spouse, Who Is He?

Kasie Hunt
Kasie Hunt(Pinterest)

Matthew Mario Rivera was born in 1982 in New York City, USA, and was raised there by his father, Daniel O. Rivera, and his mother, Loraine V. Vetter, a nurse. Loraine married Larry Vetter, the Chief Executive Officer of Better Environmental Sciences Company after his parents split when he was seven years old. Matt attended a nearby high school before enrolling at New York University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism in 2004.

He began his career as a reporter and multimedia producer for “The Wall Street Journal,” and six years later he became a member of the NBC News team. He has been their digital producer for nearly nine years, and he has recently begun working as an adjunct professor at New York University.

Matt’s net worth is expected to exceed $2 million by early 2020.