Ritu Dhawan
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Ritu Dhawan is the managing executive and CEO of India TV. She is most known for being the wife of Rajat Sharma, chairman, and editor-in-chief of the network. The TV News channel received the ITA Award for Best News Channel.

What Is Ritu Dhawan’s Net Worth?Ritu Dhawan

Since Dhawan is India TV’s CEO and Managing Director, we can presume she is well paid in rupees. At this time, her total assets are thought to be around 800 crores of Indian rupees.

Similarly, Rajat Sharma, who is her significant other, is thought to have total assets of roughly $16 million and a salary of about $4 million, according to sources.

Age & Biography Of Ritu Dhawan:

Although Ritu Dhawan’s birthdate is uncertain, she was born in India. According to her picture, Ritu is in her late 50s. Dhawan has Indian citizenship and Asian descent.

She lives with a regular Indian household and practices Hinduism. She is a smart woman as well, albeit there is no information on her academic background.

A Profession As The CEO And Director Of India TV:

The current managing director and CEO of India TV are Dhawan. Additionally, Ritu and Rajat introduced India TV on May 20, 2004, just two days before the BJP’s rule came to an end.

It is a free news service with a Hindi focus that is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The station has received a nomination for the Independent News Services Private Ltd.-sponsored “Indian Telly Award for Best News Anchor.” AAP Ki Adalat’s former director was Ritu.

Dhawan has been recognized as “the Impact Most Influential Woman of the Year” in Mumbai. She is the CEO and overseeing chief of television. Ritu Dhawan received this honor in appreciation for her commitment to the television news industry. She established a production company in 1997, and she played a significant role in the 2004 debut of India TV. She contributed to the company’s success in overtaking all Indian news outlets.

Her better half, Rajat, serves as India Television’s chairman. Before becoming its Editor in 1985, he worked for the Onlooker Magazine as a student. Following three years at Onlooker, he went on to work as a supervisor at Sunday Observer before returning to The Daily as the editorial manager.

He met Zee TV’s Subhash Chandra while traveling to Delhi in 1992, and it was during their casual conversation that the concept for Aap Ki Adalat was born.

AAP Ki Adalat has marked 21 years of conversation along these lines, making it India’s longest-running program. In addition, he has spoken with over 750 guests on his show.

Mother Of Daughter Rajat And Husband:Ritu Dhawan

In 1997, Rajat Sharma, the Chairman of India TV, wed Ritu Dhawan, the CEO of India TV. When they both appeared on Zee TV, the couple’s love tale first began. Ritu was the founder of the program “Aap Ki Adalat,” which was broadcast at the time.

Even though they had been acquainted for a while, they thought that their presentations were only adequate and believed that working together would allow them to achieve much more.

It was simpler for Ritu and Rajat to get to know one another because they both worked in the same industry. They were always able to see each other because their relationship was so strong. The couple describes one another as their ideal opposite. Rajat and Ritu adore one another in every way.

The couple has kept their new family a secret because they have been together for so long. Their hold is getting tighter and tighter as time goes on.