Russell Westbrook
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Basketball player Russell Westbrook competes for the National Basketball Association’s Washington Wizards.Russell Westbrook

Russell is regarded as the nine-time NBA All-Star and was named the league’s MVP for the 2016–17 campaign.

He has also led the league’s All-NBA team eight times, in both the 2014–15 and the 2016–17 seasons. In 2015 and 2016, they reclaimed the NBA Most Valuable Player Awards.

Westbrook played college basketball for the UCLA Bruins and won a Pac-10 third-party all-conference honor. He later transferred to Oklahoma City after being selected by the Seattle SuperSonics with the fourth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft.

Russell Westbrook: 10 Interesting factsRussell Westbrook

  • 1. November 12th is Russell Westbrook’s birthday. In 2020, he will be 32 years old and was born in 1988.
  • 2. Russell is approximately six feet three inches tall. The contestant maintained a 91-kilogram weight limit.
  • 3. Westbrook will have a net worth of $170 million in 2020 and a $41 million payroll. Although he has a five-year contract with Oklahoma City, in the 2019–2020 season, he was moved to the Houston Rockets. On December 2, 2020, it was exchanged for the Washington Wizards once more.
  • 4. Westbrook has a wife named Nina Earl and is a married man. The weddings took place in August 2015. They were fortunate to have a son and twin daughters as their third kids.
  • 5. Russell’s parents are Russell Westbrook Jr. and Shannon Harton. He has a brother and is the oldest child in his family. The name of his younger brother is Raynard Westbrook.
  • 6. Westbrook attended the University of California and Leuzinger High School.
  • 7. Russell is a citizen of the United States who was reared in Long Beach, California.
  • 8. During the 2008 NBA Draft, the Seattle SuperSonics built Westbrook for the first time. However, he was traded to Oklahoma City six days after being signed up by the Seattle SuperSonics.
  • 9. Russell was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player three times in a row, in 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  • 10. Russell has 6.5 million Facebook fans and 15.8 million Instagram followers.