Are you a coffee lover? Have you felt that the coffee served at the cafe round the corner tastes better than what you make at home? You are not alone. But there are real reasons for this better-tasting coffee at the cafe. Colby Barr who is a coffee expert and has co-founded Verve Coffee Roasters has answers on it.

Cafe coffee

Whether you order coffee with or without sugar or whether it is hot or ice cold, you like the taste of it at the cafe rather than at home. You feel that the barista makes it better. Why is coffee better-tasting in the shop? The answer lies from the source of coffee beans to the making.

Coffee in a cafe (Source: iStock)

Sustainable practices

The cafe shops resort to sustainable practices in procuring coffee beans. This itself impresses many and makes the coffee tastier for them.

High quality coffee products: secret of better-tasting coffee

The cafe owners source high quality coffee beans from reliable owners. Colby explains:

There are great roasteries all over the country serving specialty coffees with unique flavor profiles, so in order to stand out it’s essential that the quality of your coffee shines above the rest, both for your customers in cafés or at home,”

“So, it’s really important to [source] coffee from producers who have a focus on quality.”

Roasting in-house

Coffee in a cafe shop (Source: Perfect daily grind)

Most cafe shops roast coffee beans themselves. They know very well the extent to which to roast the coffee beans. This provides them control over this process and the flavor of the resulting coffee.

Knowledgeable cafe managers and baristas

The cafe shops have managers and baristas who have knowledge and experience in this field. They are aware of every step in the process of making a great coffee. They are trained and have the skills, right resources, dedication, and time for it. It is this that will keep them afloat and ahead in the business.

Type and quality of tools

The machines and makers at the shops are of high quality and cleaned regularly. Colby states:

Dedication to properly maintaining and servicing all equipment is where most coffee roasters will stand out. Taking care of the machinery not only gives you longevity in your equipment, but most importantly, your product will perform at a higher level,”

Coffee tastes best in a cafe (Source: Coffee desk)

The people who use and make coffee are aware of the temperature of water to use in coffee making, the ratio of coffee and water and what coffee filters to use.

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Coffee age

Since the coffee is getting consumed at a faster pace, the stock is replaced sooner. Hence the coffee available to make the cup of coffee is always fresh with its flavor retained. Colby says:

Coffee is definitely best a few days off roast, [but] high-quality coffees will continue to brew beautifully past the month mark,”

“It’s best to ask the barista about the coffee! Great questions include: ‘Do you get your coffee from a local roaster? Is it fresh?’ Your local barista will be able to provide the information on roast date and frequency of deliveries.”