Dalgona coffee

Dalton coffee was the trendy quarantine drink. It has several other names. Though introduced in 2004, it gained popularity in 2020 during the covid lockdown period.

It was a trending food topic on TikTok at that time. But what exactly is Dalgona coffee? Is it healthy? Any adverse issues?

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Dalton Coffee: History

Dalton Coffee goes by several different names. It is called Fenty hui coffee or phitti hui coffee or beaten coffee or hand beat coffee or Chow Yun-fat coffee.

It also has these names: frothy coffee, whipped coffee, or fluffy coffee. The original creator of this coffee is Leong Kam Hon, a former Macanese shipwright who began his coffee shop in Coloane.

He made the coffee in 1997 as requested by a tourist couple. He used the recipe in 2004 when he served this specialty to Hong Kong actor, Chow Yun-Fat. The latter was impressed and this coffee gained fame.

Dalgona coffee
Dalton coffee (Source: Hummingbird high)

In January 2020, during the pandemic South Korean actor, Jung Il-woo had this same drink in the same eatery. He was on the TV show called Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Restaurant.

And he had said that the taste of the coffee is like Dalgona, a form of South Korean toffee. This name stuck and the drink got the name Dalgona coffee.

How to make this coffee?

The coffee has a simple recipe. One has to whip coffee powder with the same amount of sugar and hot water with a hand whisk for about 2 to 5 minutes. Sugar can be granulated, white, or powdered.

To make it healthier, one can use brown sugar or coconut sugar in place of regular sugar. One can make it without sugar as well but the fluffiness is short-lived in that case.

The one with sugar remains frothy and fluffy for many hours while the fluffiness of the unsweetened one starts going down and turning liquid in a few minutes.

Dalgona coffee
Dalton coffee (Source: Pinterest)

This whipped and frothy is then placed over a glass of hot or cold milk. Thus, the coffee drink has two layers with whipped coffee at the top and milk at the bottom.

Then with a straw or spoon, stir the layers to make a homogeneous mixture suitable for drinking. To make a vegan version use milk alternatives such as oat milk, soy milk, cashew, or almond milk. The coffee can be filtered coffee or decaf coffee. But it should be instant coffee.

Health benefits

Dalton coffee made with coconut sugar can aid weight loss. But it can help if used in moderate amounts and not in excess. Additionally, it can control blood sugar especially if coconut sugar replaces white sugar in coffee.

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Dalgona coffee
Dalton coffee (Source: Pinterest)

Coffee can assist control of hyperacidity. It has milk and the calcium and protein in it can provide relief from heartburn. Coffee can provide instant energy.

It eases tiredness and improves brain function and smartness. There are claims that this type of coffee has less caffeine and can prevent anxiety and restlessness.

It is an easy and simple coffee to make using simple easily available ingredients from the kitchen. It is a great summer drink option.