Zanna Van Dijk
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Who Is Zanna Van Dijk?

Fitness blogger, model, author, brand ambassador, and personal trainer Zanna Van Dijk hails from Yorkshire, England.

Zanna wasn’t always a picture of health, even though she is now known for her influence in the fitness business. Zanna had a really bad lifestyle while she was in college.

She consumed excessive amounts of booze, ate “junk food,” and had no desire to exercise.

Zanna Van Dijk decided to modify her physique after realizing she had gone too far and that she needed to stop. This choice radically altered the course of her life.

People undoubtedly believe that I became interested in fitness “right out of the womb.” I wasn’t, I’ll tell you that much. I enjoyed going out to parties a lot. I subsisted on a diet of pot noodles and shortbread cookies.

Additionally, I had slug-like activity levels. And look at me now, I enjoy doing burpees, hummus is my favorite food, and I occasionally enjoy a turmeric latte.

“Everyone begins somewhere. No of your age—15, 25, or 55—you can start taking care of your health and well-being right away.

In my teenage years, I may have been able to substitute a few cocktails and takeout for water and vegetables, but I’m making up for it now!

Body Measurements Of Zanna Van Dijk 

Full Name: Zanna Van Dijk
HEIGHT: 6’2″ (188cm)
WEIGHT: 165 – 175lbs (74.8 – 79.4kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness blogger, model, author,


  • Author
  • Exercise Blogger
  • Individual Trainer
  • International Brand Ambassador
  • Case Study


Short Career Of Zanna Van Dijk Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna Van Dijk, who was born in Yorkshire, is well-known for her athletic build. She wasn’t always content with her appearance, either.

Growing up, Zanna’s quick metabolism allowed her to eat everything she wanted and still maintain a slim figure. But after she started college, everything changed.

Zanna developed some very bad habits while attending Sheffield University. such as consuming a diet high in “junk food,” drinking excessively on the weekends, and getting little sleep.

These routines eventually caught up with Zanna. After her first year of college, she became aware of her physique changing into “thin fat.” According to Zanna, “I was thin but not toned. I didn’t feel confident in my appearance.

Fitness Has Changed Her Body And LifeZanna Van Dijk

When Zanna concluded that she couldn’t continue living an unhealthy lifestyle, she made the drastic decision to start a fitness regimen.

Along with changing her diet, she started daily cardio and strength training. Turning it around was a hard and challenging process, as Zanna says: “There was a significant learning curve. When I started, I had no idea.”

Zanna didn’t have much expertise or experience, but that didn’t stop her from succeeding in her fitness objectives. She quickly transformed her body after learning the fundamentals of weightlifting and a clean diet within a few months.

Zanna looked and felt better than ever just under a year later. Her newly acquired fitness skills had made it possible for her to have the slender, toned body she had always desired.

Zanna had realized that fitness was her “calling” and that she would never go back to her previous way of life.

Providing Advice That Helps Others

After transforming her own body and health, Zanna was motivated to assist others in doing the same. She later started an online blog where she provided helpful training, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations.

Soon after, the blog had an explosion in popularity, helping Zanna to establish herself as a leading figure in the online fitness sector.

Zanna started a full-time career as a fitness blogger by the time she received her college degree.

Since then, she has also developed into a social media star with a fan base that is expanding every year, a cover model, and a brand ambassador.


Training Changes

Zanna made the error of doing too much cardio and not enough weight training when she first started working out.

She remarked, “When I initially started working out, I made the same error that most girls do. I believed that the only way to lose weight was through cardio.

Zanna had minimal muscle tone even though aerobics helped her burn extra fat. This was a result of her regimen’s lack of strength training.

Zanna didn’t start noticing significant changes in her physique until she started including weights in her regimen.

“Now I combine both heavy weight lifting and high-intensity cardio to help me get fitter, stronger, and develop a body I am pleased with.”


A Diet of 80/20

Zanna experimented with a variety of diets throughout the years to determine which would produce the best outcomes for her. She experimented with everything, including carb cycling and IIFYM.

While Zanna has had success with some of these diets in the past, she has discovered that her body speaks to her more effectively than any other method.

In her own words, Zanna describes her diet as it is today: “I don’t follow a rigorous meal plan, but I also don’t eat everything in the world either. I subscribe to the 80/20 rule and advocate it.

Eighty percent of the time I consume whole, healthy meals like meat, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and fruit, and twenty percent of the time I indulge.

I won’t ever feel starved this way. I very much consume chocolate every day, but not an excessive amount of it. I only need a couple of components. (Zanna Van Dijk)

What Zanna Van Dijk Can Teach Us?

If Zanna Van Dijk has taught us anything, it’s that developing a fantastic body takes time. Fitness is a “marathon,” not a “sprint.”

Zanna’s development in terms of fitness didn’t happen immediately. She took many months and years to develop into the person she is now.

Zanna has the following advice for anyone feeling motivated to start their fitness transformation: “Don’t let the journey ahead of you frighten you.

The first step toward living a healthy lifestyle may seem like a million miles away, but it only takes one. I hope I can assist you in taking that first step.