Arthritis is inflammation and pain in the joints of the body. It can affect one or more joints.

Medicines provide temporary relief from the ache but a proper diet also is beneficial. Molly Hembree, diet expert spoke to Eat this not that outlet team and discussed the foods that can make the pain worse.

Foods that can worsen arthritis and its pain

Arthritis can follow a traumatic injury. But most often it occurs with aging bones. Though physiotherapy and certain analgesic drugs are good, the latter also have side effects.

Natural remedies are present in foods. Hence for arthritic pain, one should consume foods with great anti-inflammatory properties.

At the same time, doctors advise you to keep away from foods that could worsen your joint pains. Molly Hembree, a nutrition expert talked and discussed these to-be-avoided foods and the reasons for them.

1. Processed red meat can worsen arthritis

Processed foods are bad for joint pain (Source: NDTV Food)

This processed meat has nitrites and purines. And these chemicals increase inflammation and hence are harmful to arthritis. Molly said:

Products like high-fat hot dogs, fast food burgers, or sausages are pro-inflammatory and could increase the risk of joint problems,”

Stop these foods if you value your joints. Fresh red meat is better compared to processed meat, studies reveal. Those taking the fresh meat had lesser chances of hip replacement surgery.

2. Sugary drinks and foods

These are bad for the joints. Sugars in foods damage our tooth enamel. They also weaken bones and lead to fractures. Molly opined on them:

“In general, drinks with added sugars, such as regular soda and sweetened lemonades or teas, have also been associated with inflammation and this may contribute to elevated joint issues,”

Sugary sods drinks (Source: USA Today)

3. Fats and fatty dairy products

Milk has a lot of calcium that helps bone growth. But it also has casein that is inflammatory. Molly states that a high intake of butter, whole milk, and high-fat creams is dangerous for bones and joints.

4. Gluten-rich foods

This gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. It increases inflammation and hence pain. Go gluten-free to ease the pain.

5. Alcohol and high sodium

Alcohol is bad for joints, the liver, and the brain. It increases gout risk. Animal studies showed that arthritis is more with high sodium diet.

6. Specific seafood

Alcohol does not go well with joints (Source: Health line)

Molly states that certain seafood increase joint pains. Elaborating on them, Molly said:

Excess intake of fish like anchovies, tuna, scallops, and sardines contribute a high amount of ‘purines,'”

Purines on metabolism in the body yield uric acid. These crystals deposit in the joints and tissues and cause gout and achy bones.

But the omega-3 fatty acids in them will help relieve joint pain and allow it to regenerate faster and well. Joint stiffness lessens due to it. Its vitamin D content also aids in stronger bones.

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Other foods that are good for joints include garlic, ginger, broccoli, walnuts, berries of all kinds, green leaves, grapes, olive oil, and cherry juice of the tart type.